How to use WhatsApp with Two Numbers at the same time on Android


Whether you have a Single Sim phone or a Dual Sim phone, What’sApp won’t allow registration of two numbers at the same time. Though you can enjoy the benefit of having two numbers for calling but for what’sapp you’ll have to choose one. This was sad because many people use more than one Sim for What’sApp but because of this, they are obliged to carry two phones which is annoying. I know a few guys who even after having a Dual Sim Smartphone, have to carry a seprate phone for other Sim just because of What’sApp. Not anymore, because today I’m going to reveal a trick which will definitely help you run WhatsApp with two numbers at the same time, and the best part is that it doesn’t require Root access, which means that anyone with or without root access can do it.

whatsapp two numbers same time
Use WhatsApp with Two Numbers on the same device

How is it Possible?

An Android developer named ‘OsamaGhareeb’ from xda developers created a modded version of What’sApp known as ‘OGWhat’sApp’. OGWhat’sApp allows user to run What’sApp with two numbers at the same time and that also without Rooting. Some other features of OGWhat’sApp include are:

  • Open Images in Preview app without saving them.
  • Play videos in apps like ‘MX Player’ without downloading video.
  • Save internal storage without downloading What’sApp media

So isn’t the features awesome? I always have a problem with What’sApp saving videos, photos and other media automatically or when viewed. OGWhat’sApp rescued me from the headache or re checking photos, videos and deleting them.

Use Whatsapp with two numbers on the same device

How to Install OGWhat’sApp?

The procedure of installing OGWhat’sApp is simple and as I said earlier that it doesn’t require root access, so you don’t have to worry about your phone getting bricked. This method of installation is safe but I still don’t take any responsibility of problems caused by misunderstanding of the below steps. I’m sure it is 100 percent safe but Guys still do it at Your OWN RISK!

Since there is nothing technical, all you have to do is install a modded version of WhatsApp along with the official WhatsApp. In case of any problems, just uninstall modded WhatsApp.

Use WhatsApp with Two Numbers at Same Time.

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp > Go to Chat settings

Step 2: Now tap on ‘Backup conversations’. This will make a backup of all your What’sApp conversations and messages.

Step 3: Go to /sdcard/WhatsApp and rename WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp. That means it will look like /sdcard/OGWhatsApp.

Step 4: Now uninstall WhatsApp and re-install it from Google Play Store.

Step 5: Go to /sdcard and there you will see a newly created folder named ‘WhatsApp’. Rename it to OldWhatsApp.

Step 6: Open WhatsApp and re-register your original OGWhatsApp account and new account. Do this with official WhatsApp app.

Step 7: After you’re done verifying your phone number, Go to Settings > App manager > WhatsApp and tap on ‘Clear Data’

Step 8: Now Go to /sdcard and rename the WhatsApp folder to OGWhatsApp.

Step 9: Rename the OldWhatsApp folder to WhatsApp.

Step 10: Download OGWhatsApp mod from XDA Developers official thread.

Step 11: Install OGWhatsApp mod on your phone.

Now you have both official WhatsApp and OGWhatsApp installed on your phone. You’ll be able to see two different WhatsApp icons on your screen.

You can now easily manage both the numbers on WhatsApp. I know this tutorial was confusing, I’m sorry, but I tried my best to explain the steps and tried to increase the number of steps to make it easy to understand. Anyhow, if you guys are having trouble understanding the steps then please leave your comments below and I’ll try to respond asap!

So this is it, I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial.

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