EyeDropper PowerPoint

I’ve discussed about the new features of PowerPoint 2013 in my earlier post, The latest update of Office 15 consumer preview boasts about it’s new feature, The EyeDropper Tool

EyeDropper PowerPoint

What is the EyeDropper Tool

Imagine having a spectacular nature background in your presentation. Do you want your text blend in the background giving an awesome color scheme. The EyeDropper tool lets you pick the color from any point on any element. Say goodbye to external tools. You no longer need to use external plugins to pick colors, generate hex codes, RGB schemes and memorize it.

EyeDropper is often used to fill in certain portions of images through Auto Shapes blended in matching colors.

Using EyeDropper Tool

  • Using EyeDropper Tool is pretty straightforward. In the home menu, Click on the ‘Font Color’ button and Choose EyeDropper
PowerPoint EyeDropper
  • Place the EyeDropper cursor over your desired image, background or any element present on your presentation. Click on any part of the image you want to pick the color from. (You might have to try twice or thrice to pick color from a small portion precisely)
  • Now Create a text and it should inherit the color you picked. Click on ‘Font Color’ icon to check the color or tweak it to your needs

You can also use EyeDropper is various color configurations like Shape Fill, Background Fill e.t.c

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