[Virus Alert] Microsoft Word Bug can lead Hackers to get into your computer: Duqu Virus!

If you are proactive on Internet, then by now you might have heard about a new virus going viral around the net which is capable of exploiting Microsoft Word’s Bug. If not, I am here to help you learn about this new virus, how it works and what it can do. Not only that, I’ll also suggest you ways which can help you beware of it and steps to fix this exploit!

Duqu, sounds funny, but is a serious and major threat around the web since last month. Researchers investigated about Duqu and came out some shocking results, Duqu’s source code is much alike Stuxnet Virus, which created huge havoc with Iran’s nuclear program. This either means that this new virus comes from the Stuxnet developer team or Stuxnet source code was stolen. Whatever might be the cause, Duqu still remains in dark and a lot of secrets are yet to be explored regarding this virus.

How it works?

Still remains the mystery, but broadly it links with a piece of software downloaded as corrupted Microsoft Word Document. In simple words, Duqu infects Windows PCs using a malformed Word Document. When user opens the word document, this action triggers the environment for Duqu’s installation on PC.


What it can do?

Symantec identified Duqu as the ultra-sophisticated worm and Microsoft classified the vulnerability as an elevation of privilege bug. Microsoft, in its posting Thursday night, said that, if successful, the Duqu attacker could “install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights”. This means the hacker allegedly gets full control of your system and needless to say the possibilities then after, this virus is sure to be prevented.

How to prevent this virus from attacking you?

Do not download word files from unknown sources or emails.

How to fix this vulnerability?

Microsoft has released a temporary fix for this issue which can be found here:

Microsoft Knowledge Base

Microsoft has also scheduled 4 patch updates for November 8.


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