Google has now officially announced a VoIP feature for Gmail . In the U.S. and Canada can cause Gmail users now free national calls. Also calls to other countries such as Germany, France or Britain are possible and then cost only $ 0.02 per minute. Google becomes a serious competitor for Skype .

Google is expanding its e-mail service more and more of a communications center, which offers far more than just e-mailing. The Chat module for example, provides some time for a more direct communication in real time. Google extends this chat feature an integrated telephony solution , enables free VoIP calls within a country. The voice and video chat, it was so far mandatory that both parties to the call to sit at their computers and are logged in to Gmail. That is now no longer necessary, now can from Gmail out each port can be selected.


The official blog of Google Mail says that the calls within a country are free at least until the end of the year. Therefore, keep to open the possibility to make the offer from next year with costs. Presumably, this restriction is more a precautionary measure, because the real sources of income should be the international calls. Here was Google with a price of $ 0.02 remain in key countries just below the default of the main competitors Sykpe, at whose service 0.021 U.S. dollars is due. Calls to mobiles and landlines in some countries are more expensive. A complete list of calls from the U.S.

The new voice call feature of Gmail is in the next few days provided to all U.S. users available. Whether and if so, when the new feature is coming to Europe and Germany, Google has not yet announced. For Skype , but Google would be a serious competitor in any case, because Gmail has a wide user base and required for the VoIP function only a plugin , while Skype uses its own client.

Conclusion: Google is growing up its functionalities in order to fulfill the requirements of its common users by adopting the latest technologies and VoIP is the best example of that. So, it has become very easy to make a free calls in Gmail now.

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