Unlock Xperia Boot Loader

As we all know, Android devices are praised by all for the extent to which they can be customized and there’s no denying that. There’s an endless number of things that you could possibly do with your device once you root it and then there’s no turning back. One such thing to do is unlocking the boot loader on your device. Doing this opens you a world of hundreds of amazing things you could possibly do with your smartphone.

However, this article is not about the advantages of unlocking the boot loader on your Android device. If you want to unlock the boot loader on your Xperia device but were facing problems, we or rather Sony itself has come to your help. Yes, Sony is helping you unlock the boot loader on your Xperia device.

Unlock Xperia Boot Loader
Unlock Xperia Boot Loader

Sony has uploaded a 5 minute 42 second long video that will guide you through the process of unlocking the boot loader on your Xperia device.  The video shows the boot loader being unlocked on the Xperia Z2 using a normal Windows based computer. So if you own a Mac, you might have to wait for some time before Sony decides to bring out another video that guides you to unlocking the boot loader using a Mac. Hard luck there. Here’s the video for you to check out yourself:

However before you start unlocking the boot loader on your Xperia device, you must know that this will void the warranty on your device. This will in turn lead to the Sony service station charging you the nominal fee for repairing your smartphone in case there’s some problem with it even if it is in the warranty period. Here’s Sony’s official help page to help you unlock the boot loader on your Xperia device. Do read out the introduction and the risks associated with it before starting.

Unlocking the boot loader however has its own advantages. With the boot loader unlocked on your Xperia device, your device is now open to a new world of ROMs for your device. You can download any one of the hundreds and thousands of ROMs available out there for your device, flash it to your device and enjoy a completely new experience. You can keep trying out new ROMs and then decide on the ROM you feel best.

Overall, the experience can’t be that bad for you if you decide to go with the unlocking. Though the custom ROMs out there have not been tested by Sony in any way, they are being used by millions of people all over the world and only a few out of those face problems which can be solved. In case they can’t be solved, you can always try out a new ROM. This is why Android devices are the most sold devices in the world, the customization they offer can simply not be matched by any other OS. What are your views? Leave them in the comments below and stay tuned for more updates.

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