Ways to download Torrents directly using IDM

Many of us download lot of stuff via torrents on our PC’s and mobiles. Using torrents is really best way to download many freeware’s. One thing most people don’t like about torrents is the SLOW SPEED, when there are less number of seeds! Speed of torrents will depend upon many things and one of them is seeds. If you don’t have enough seeds for the particular torrent you are downloading, you won’t get good speed. On the contrary, if you download any file directly using IDM (internet download manager), the downloading speed will be much better. How awesome it would be if you can download Torrents directly using IDM! Here is a detailed post on Downloading Torrents using IDM


Benefits of Downloading Torrents Directly

Before getting into the procedure of downloading files using IDM.  Let’s see all the benefits of doing this in detail.

1. Maximum downloading speed even when Seeds are low

The downloading speed of torrents, while downloading with torrent clients will be very slow as the seeds of the file you are downloading is less. But if you use this way to download those low seeding torrents you can really get good speed, which can save lot of your time

2. Can Store your files on Cloud

All the below mentioned websites can store your files on their cloud servers, which will let you to download them at any time. With free accounts your files will be stored for limited days depending upon the service you are using. With premium accounts you can increase the time limit depending on the plan you choose

3. Can live stream Videos and Music without downloading

With this feature you do not need to download all the unwanted media files. If you wish to watch any movie which is on torrents, instead of downloading the file you can just watch the video or listen to music by streaming them. This saves lot of your device memory,as you will not be downloading them

4. Anonymous Downloads

Our IP address will be tracked when we are downloading the torrent files using any torrent clients. but if we use it, we can download files anonymously without being tracked.

3 ways to downloading torrent files using idm

1. ZBIGZ.COM – Download torrents directly

ZBIGZ is the one of best website to download your torrent files directly. You can download files below 2GB from free account. To download files above 2 GB you have to purchase the premium account provided by them. You can either download file directly or can even save your files in your account so that you can download then at any time you wish,

Follow the steps below to download torrents directly from zbigz.com

1. Go to www.zbigz.com

2. You can submit the details of torrent you want to download by two ways. Either by uploading the torrent file (which can be download from torrents) or by copy pasting the torrent link as shown in the below screenshots.


3. After uploading or Copy pasting the torrent link, click on  it will ask you to choose any one between free and premium services, click on Free ( make sure that your file is less than 2 GB). It will take some time for caching the files.


4. After the caching gets complete, you will be given a link to download the files. That’s it! In a similar way you can download any torrent files, the good thing about premium account is, it will let you download files will large memories without any issue.


2. Filestream – Download torrents using idm

File stream is yet another site for the same purpose of downloading the torrents directly. The good thing about FILESTREAM is, it will let us download torrent files up to 5GB with free account. But here your account will be active only for 7 days. However, you can download files by creating a new account. To download files in filestream, you have to sign up for free account  and only then you have the access to download files.


Create a Free account from Here. After the email conformation you will redirected to your dashboard, where you can upload torrent files and download them, as shown in the above screenshots.

3. bytebx – Download Torrents with idm

Bytebx comes with 2-GB of file limit, to download files above you need to have a premium account from their site. You can sign up for a free account from HERE. Managing your files is easy here. With a free account bytebx can store your files for 5 days on their servers. This is how the dashboard of your account in bytebx looks like.


In this post we have mentioned about 3 top websites for downloading torrents directly. This is because, at times if any one of these websites go down, you can always have an alternative website. Happy Downloading! If you are facing any issues related to downloading torrents using the above mentioned websites you can comment below and we shall be grateful to assist you.

One thought on “Ways to download Torrents directly using IDM

  • August 3, 2014 at 10:27 am

    all the above datas are outdated.
    1.zbigz offers 1gb of torrent file size for free user.
    2.filestream – i do agree what u said.
    3.bytebx – only 100mb of torrent file for free user.

    Please ensure and provide correct data as much as possible. Anyhow thanks for your effort on knowledge sharing.


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