Yayyy!!! Download finished

Can you tell the frequency of your daily Internet Downloads? Most probably you can’t answer, because the number is too high to be able to keep track of. A Download Accelerator is a tailor-made software for us geeks.

Yayyy!!! Download finished

Advantages of Using Download Accelerators

A download accelerates seamlessly integrates with your browser and enhance the download speed as well as provides many other configurable options

  • The primary job of a Download Accelerators is to boost the download speed. The optimum download speed boost of a good Accelerator is more than 500%
  • A must-have feature for low bandwidths is Download Resume option. Imagine the horror having the download interrupted at 95%.
  • You can Pause and Resume your current download processes with ease.
  • It can connect to multiple mirrors to provide alternative mirror if the primary server is down
  • You can schedule the download and enable Auto Shutdown feature to have your PC shutdown as soon as a specific download completes.
  • You can manage the files downloaded, rate and review them.
  • Additional features include Anti-Virus, Auto Video Download, Flash Files Grabbing, e.t.c

How do Download Accelerators Work

Download Accelerators splits the file in the download queue into smaller fragments.  It downloads various fragments at once from different connection which enormously increases the download speed.

But no matter how expensive the Download Accelerator you choose is, it cannot boost the speed beyond the bandwidth limit provided by your ISP.

Download Accelerators try to increase the download speed to the maximum bandwidth limit. But it also depends on several variable factors like server speed e.t.c

 Which Download Accelerator to Choose

You might really find a hard time choosing a download accelerator. There are literally hundreds of them.

Based on Price factor, features and compatibility, I have composed a list of Best Download Accelerators for Windows to assist you choose one.

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  • July 14, 2012 at 7:48 pm

    I use Download Accelerator Plus and IDM. Which one do u use ?


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