What does the Various Icons on Camera Dial Mean?

Have you ever wondered what those various icons on the dial of your Digital camera mean, if you often find yourself clueless with Terms like aperture speed, shutter mode, shutter speed then this article is for you.

Camera Screen

Auto mode:

Now this is the mode that has really help many a newbies to just grab a Point and Shoot camera and take some of the most magnificent snapshots. When in this mode your camera does the entire job for you like exposure and shutter speed etc. All you’ll have to do is to press the shutter button to get a perfect image.

Manual Mode:

In manual mode you are at the driver’s seat you have control over every aspect of the cameras settings. Thus you’ll have to manually adjust every setting, thus it’s mainly preferred by professional photographers who are very well versed.

Aperture Mode:

This mode is selected to blur the background of subjects or to focus at an object. In this mode you select the aperture priority and shutter priority will be automatically adjusted.

Shutter speed:

This mode is used to control the shutter speed of your device. Thus is very often used in action photography, where with high shutter speed you can actually freeze the subject. At low shutter speed you can actually capture the motion in the picture.

Program Mode:

The program mode allows best shutter and aperture settings. At the same time it gives you more control to select the white balance and exposure.

Movie mode:

This mode is to be used when you are planning to record a video. The video gets stored in the device in the same place where your images are being stored.

Macro mode:

It looks like a Flower icon on your camera’s dial, and is used to click images of nearby objects within a distance of a few inches. However it works on the cost of focus range which is very narrow in this case.

Landscape mode:

It is used when one is clicking pictures outdoors. This automatically selects the best aperture speed and shutter speed settings that are required you to give the necessary depth to your photos.

Beach/Sand and Snow mode:

Sand and snow mode are used when you are shooting with a bright background that can otherwise trick your camera with over-exposed shots.

Action Mode:

This is the mode when shooting any sport event where shutter speed is your priority. This mode lets you to gain the highest levels of clarity giving you a clear shot of the object.

Night Mode:

This mode is used when you are clicking in low light or at night-time. This setting automatically enables the flash (if present) and uses fast shutter speed to capture the foreground.

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