What Do We Expect From a Future Phone?

We have seen a lots of different kinds of phone this year and really they have shown us some amazing features. But the thing is that, no company is trying to build innovative things in the current market. Every brand is trying to replicate the successful features of other brands. But brands like Nokia has tried to do something different by implementing some new useful features like OIS ( Optical Image Stabilization) and wireless charging. Though wireless charging has been there in the market for some time, Nokia is the first to integrate that feature into its phone. We also saw Samsung launching a new phone called the Samsung Beam, which held a small projector inside of the phone. It was a useful feature and a engaging one too. Companies and Brands must try to think of new technologies and get the public some cool new features instead of just increasing the Screen Size and changing the processors name.

In this post I will try to address a question which is What Do We Expect From a Future Phone?. This is a general opinion. There might me some points and some issues which you may or may not agree. So, Please feel free to express yourself through the comment section. So lets begin the Journey!


Wouldn’t be cool if you could upgrade the processor of your phone just like your computer. Every time you buy a phone, it gets outdated and you feel sorry that you could have waited for some more time and got a better phone. By having this kind of technology, you have nothing to worry about. No tension of any hardware changes, you could stay updated with the current trend just by installing a new processor in your phone. Any thing from Quad Core to Oct Core! could be yours.



Imaging you could increase the RAM of your phone just by inserting a chip just like the modern day SD card and boom! your RAM increased to 8 GB! Wouldn’t that be cool? Power hungry apps are on the rise and we need something to stop the lags. I must admit, the phone lags are really annoying. They just make you feel to throw the phone. 

Fuel Cell Powered Phones

The current phones have an awful battery life. You need to charge your phones many times a day to keep them alive. Imagine you didn’t have to charge your phones for a month. Great? Amazing! Well, Fuel cells might be able to do the work for you. They have an higher efficiency than the regular cells and last even longer. This thing might also reduce the e-waste produced by batteries and might prove to be eco-friendly.


Projectable Keyboard

You must have seen this in some of the parody previews. Well let me tell you that, this technology does exist, but the size is little big. If the hardware makers were able to use their minds and minimized the size of the projector just like the Samsung Beam and incorporated the feature where you project a full sized keyboard on any surface and thus type on it. You don’t need an expensive Bluetooth keyboard when you can beam your own keyboard.


Windows Fan could install Windows, Android Fan could install the Android OS and the list goes on like this. You are no longer restricted to wait for a phone of particular OS, you could install whatever OS you like. Implementing this would also give you more OS options as more people will be able to get into the OS market and thus enable us to get better services and features.

Another cool thing could be that of multiple booting. While switching your phone on, you would get an option of selecting the OS which you would like to boot to. Windows or Android, everything could be yours at once. Wow!

Holographic 3D Maps

Find the maps confusing. Holographic maps could end your problems. This would enable you to get an better idea of the area and would increase the value of experience.

Optical Zoom

Every camera phone of today has a digital zoom which we all know is not good. It just magnifies the image, which you could do that yourself in your computer. If one could implement the lens design in such a way that the lens would stay in the phone without making the phone bulky, that would be pretty awesome.


These were some of the ideas which came to my mind. Companies should introduce features which are useful in the daily life and not just a mere show off.  Companies must only not compete with each other, but also think about the consumers. Last decade we saw some major transition in the history of phones where the term smartphone came to existence. In this decade I haven’t seen any thing which would bring out the word “WOW” from my mouth. I expect at the time progresses, we might be able to see some wonderful and amazing phones which might revolutionize the smartphone world. We might even end up with totally a different phone than smartphone. It could be a phone which could be controlled just by our thoughts or gestures. There are many possibilities but the people working in those areas should work hard in trying to transform those dreams into realities. I hope we get to see a wonderful phone soon!

If you have any ideas, suggestions or any other thing to share, please use the comment section. I and all the other members of our website will be glad to interact with you.

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