What Experts Think About Samsung Galaxy S3

What Experts Think About Samsung Galaxy S3

Since the initial Samsung Galaxy S3 rumors, till the official launch everyone was expecting something new and ‘revolutionary’ from the newly crowned smartphone giant. Even I was excited to see the launch event, and a new galaxy. But when they revealed the device and its features, mixed reactions started flowing everywhere. Some people were totally impressed while some called it a complete ‘rubbish’. It is yet to launch in India but some experts have already used it. This article will tell you what experts think about it. Check ’em out.

  • CEO of FoneArena.com, Varun Krishnan used Samsung Galaxy S III for a few minutes and claims that it’s pretty fast and there was no or very little lag. It has a plastic body but definitely it is not cheap, and unlike the pictures on the internet it feels good in hand.
  • Chief Editor of MobiGyaan.com, Puneet Jain says it is the best Android smartphone yet. He suggests, to improve the sales in India two things are important: First is Price, it should be less than Rs.38,000. Anything more than that will be too much for the phone. Second, timely software updates. Although, most of the population don’t care about the updates but techies do. Galaxy S II got the update too late, it should not happen with this device.
  • Technology writer and columnist, Ashish Bhatia believes that it’s not a ‘revolutionary’ mobile. There is PenTile display in S III instead of the sharper RGB matrix like S II. But he claims that almost no one will be able to tell the difference until they hold both the devices together and examine them critically. Also, there is chance that the device will compete against its own sibling, Galaxy Note.
  • Editor of UnleashThePhones.com, Clinton Jeff said that the third S looks too plasticky in hand, design conscious people might not even consider it for buying. Also, the competitors Nokia, HTC and even Sony’s phones look better and have a better build quality. Another problem, he said, is that the price might be higher than the other Galaxy S devices mainly due to weak Indian currency. Since, the market is price-conscious, so maybe HTC One X will get the advantage.

I am writing this and the news is flowing in that Samsung Galaxy S III is priced at Rs.42,900.

  • Technology writer and columnist, Nimish Dubey feels that the device will sell very well globally but he is worried about the success of it in India, mainly because of another competitor of its own, Galaxy Note. S3 definitely has a powerful processor and some exclusive features but in a market where price matters, Note (priced at around Rs.32,000) might win the game. Also, the features like auto screen off, voice command, etc. are not something everyone cares about.
  • Editor-in-Chief of WorldOfPhones.net, Aditya Singhvi called it “first consumer smartphone” by Samsung. He said “consumer” because it will basically sell on two features: 1. Samsung branding 2. Galaxy branding – both are consumer taste right now. He isn’t quite impressed by the looks and doesn’t feel that a smartphone needs a quad core processor. Software wise, gesture controls is a useful feature but S-Voice is just a copy of iPhone’s Siri, which will be a hit only if it could recognize various accents and respond accordingly. “Samsung is known to mess up with software updates, S2 is a proof of that”, he said. At the end he added that he is not willing to switch his Galaxy Nexus with S3. “S III is missing the magic S II had”.
  • Chief Editor of TheGeekDaily, Satish Gandham who is using a Galaxy S II doesn’t seem to be impressed by the device at all, mostly by the design. He blamed the cheap plastic used to manufacture the body of the device for poor build quality. He also pointed out that the chrome lining around it can be easily scratched out. There is no dedicated camera button, also the features eat a lot of power, which is not feasible by the poor battery.

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  1. I personally don’t like the design of Galaxy S III. They say its inspired by “pebbles”. Pebbles are tough things and the plastic they’ve used in S III is definitely not the best.

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