What I’m Looking Forward to in the Samsung Galaxy S4

Hello Everyone,

As the days fly by, our anticipation of knowing how the galaxy S4 would look, feel and work is increasing. In proportionate to our growing anticipation, there are numerous photographs, blogs, articles, videos increasing every minute each describing as what they expect out of the much awaited Galaxy S4. Some of these even claim to be legitimate pics or videos. Well, we have to wait till 14th March to know the truth.

 My name is Snehith, I am here to share with you what I expect on the new S4 or  rather what would make me to go get an S4.





Processor of Galaxy S4

Processor is the brain of an electronic device. It is the component which is associated with the term Speed in mobile devices. In the CES 2013, Samsung President, Dr. Stephen Woo has introduced Samsung’s  latest processor Exynos 5 Octa.

This Chipset has 2 sets of 4 processors, i.e it has a set of 4 Cortex-A7 processors and a set of 4 Cortex-A15 processors combined. the Cortex A7 processor set is to handle tasks which can be done and need minimal processor at disposal. For heavy duty Apps  and 3D gaming experience there is a set of 4 Cortex A15 processors at disposal.

Imagine having 8 processors at our disposal for a mobile device. It will enable multi-tasking experience, enhance 3D gaming experience, and will be twice as fast because of the number of processors at disposal. I would want and love to see Samsung have this latest processor in Galaxy S4. This processor will be most probably supported by a 2GB RAM.


I would not expect much increase in this segment for a mobile device. The regular 16/ 32/ 64 GB memory versions and an SD card to probably extend the total memory would be good enough. If there is any increase in this segment, It will be an added advantage.


I would want the S4 to be able to operate in 2G/ 3G/ 4G spectrums. This would help the device to be fit for a global use as there are countries where 2G is vastly operational and other countries where 4G would open up. 3G is anyway all prevailing in majority of countries. The ability to operate in 4G spectrum will differentiate S4 from that of the previous S3 version in this segment.


I would expect an enhancement in this section for the S4 in comparison to S3. The rear Camera capacity of 12 or 13 MP would be handy. An increase in the front camera capacity above 2 MP would enhance the video calling, Google Hangout or Skype experience.

  Other features like an LED light supporting the rear camera and options like Panorama, Night, landscape, kid/pet modes which are also available in S3 are
expected to stay.

Connectivity: Connectivity of Bluetooth V4.0 , USB V2.o and Wi-fi 802.11 are good enough for all data transfers. So, I do not expect any major upgrade in this aspect but in-case there is any upgrade, it is most welcome 🙂

Android Version:   We would most probably get the 4.2 Jelly Bean version as out of the box operating system for the S4. You can directly jump-in and explore the mobile right out of the box as it is the latest Android version available in the market, apart from nexus prototype.

Display: Samsung has pleasantly surprised many tech lovers with the unveiling 
of its latest flexible OLED technology and demonstrating it unlimited possibilities
and applications. Samsung has named this line-up as the YOUM range of devices.

We might not be able to get the flexible display in S4 :(, if it does, it will be a pleasant surprise 🙂 . The display screen of S4 is expected to be larger than that of the previous S3 model. Some say it will be a 5 Inch display screen. Display size is a very subjective option, some like it big, some like it medium sized. I like it to be big as it would enhance my gaming and video viewing experience. I would like to see it to be a 5 inch screen.

Galaxy S3 has the smart stay technology, wherein a sensor checks if a person is staring at the mobile screen and prevents it for auto-locking the screen. As per dailymail.co.uk  Samsung has applied for patent of eye-scroll technology in early 2013. It is believed that by scrolling your eye across the mobile display screen, you can move to the next page. That sensor would be present on the front so enable it to track your eyes and respond accordingly. This technology could be quiet handy if you are browsing through e-pages or e-books. even the pixel density is expected to increase in the S4, as would happen with a latest version of mobile device in this era of pixel war between companies. I would want to see a pixel density of 400+ ppi on display screen for the S4. That would make the pictures, videos and the screen closer to life like view.

An increase in the screen size and also an increase in number of pixel per inch(ppi) will make the displays look more amazing than its previous models. After the gorilla glass2, which is used in S3, there is Gorilla glass3 available. I would want to see Gorilla glass3 on the S4.

After the patent war between Apple and Samsung, it is interesting to see what would be the design of S4. Will it look like a pebble similar to S3? or would it look like a bar or a new design all together? We’ll have to wait till the launch to see whats in store.

Battery: To suport a strong processor, 2 GB RAM, increased screen-size and increased pixel per inch, we need a powerful battery. A battery of 2500 Mah or more would be an ideal fit for S4.

Additional Features:  The S voice allows us to interact verbally with mobile device, which we can expect in the S4 to continue. Other interesting features that I have seen in some of the videos floating in the internet is a projection keyboard. In the videos presented, a mobile device is placed in a docking station which projects keyboard onto any hard surface. We can use the projected keyboard to interact with the mobile device. With a projection keyboard and S voice we can have a better interaction with mobile device.

In short, I would like to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 set new benchmarks in-terms of speed, interactive capabilities, & display capability. This is what I would want to see in the much awaited S4 device. Lets wait and see what Samsung has to offer us. Namaste.

4 thoughts on “What I’m Looking Forward to in the Samsung Galaxy S4

  • April 3, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    8 core, 13mp camera… Not to mention other innovations packed in such a beautiful device!

    Once downside is that Samsung kept the S4 looking like the S3 which is more like comparing iPhone 4 to iPhone 4s. And the plastic design… Quality is far behind iPhone, Sony and HTC and many others

  • March 13, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    Nice foresight there Snehith! The latest processor for Samsung Galaxy S4 is totally magnificent! 8 processors will have a faster gaming experience for everybody!


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