amazone mobile leaked image by the geek daily
amazone mobile leaked image by the geek daily
Model created by BGR according to the leaked info of the device.


A very attentive news  broke out weeks ago and it was from the world’s largest E-commerce website Amazon itself. The leaked news revealed that Inc. is going to reveal their new smart phone later in the month of June. The news came as a surprise for many that the online products market ruler is going to join the competitive mobile market.

Some sources also revealed that the new mobile device that Amazon is going to launch will be a straight forward competition to Apple Inc.’s iPhone. Amazon is all set to launch its combative device against iPhone. However, you might be wondering when shall this event take place? It’s going to take place on 18th June and Amazon has invited Media, corporates, customers and general public to participate in this event.

The company has even added a separate micro page for the launch event which says “Join Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos for our launch event”. The page also portrays the upcoming device from the company with a back image in black color.

I would also like to mention here, that the device is not the first launch from the company. Amazon has earlier launched ‘Amazon Kindle Fire‘ which is actually based on the forked version of Android and was one of the greatest hits in the tablets market around the world.

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A video on YouTube from Amazon for teasing the upcoming device also shows the sneak peek of the device. The video clearly shows how people juggle their heads with the device but the identity of the device is still a mystery.

The most exciting and amazing thing about the device is the new technology that company is going to introduce in it. Have you seen the above video? You might have noticed why people are bobbing their heads around the device in an insane way! The sources have leaked that the device is featuring a couple of front facing cameras and sensors which act as the information collectors for the device and the collected information is turned into a 3D output.

These images are presented by Pocket-Lint on their site. The zoomed part of the image shows the front part of the device and lets the people waiting out there to have another little but enough good sneak peek of the device.


amazong 18th june by the geek daily
Image by : Pocket-Lint

If we presume about the leaked information then the event can become the biggest hits of the year 2014. Along with that if this technology is proved to be in working in real, it can easily smash other upcoming events from market leaders with their flagship devices.

Well, before coming to any conclusion we must wait for the event and see what Amazon is about to unveil to the world. Recently an American journal mentioned that the sales of the device can break all the previous records made by Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. The online presence of can be the fruitful gift for the upcoming device.

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