What is Android MAID?

android maid

Android has got over the perception of just performing as an Operating System. It has now included in itself a new function into the house -hold appliances. Until now, Android was making your smartphone computing a piece of cake and now it is time to actually bake one!

Android Beyond Apps

A company called SectorQube has claimed to make the world’s first “Android Powered Microwave” and they’re calling it MAID (Microwave Android Integrated Device). This is the latest innovation in the microwave ovens.

android beyond apps


The main feature of maid is that it can auto-cook virtually unlimited number of dishes besides making microwave operations simpler with user friendly interface. This device gets connected to the internet and one can easily make any recipe of their choice, just you need to select the dish from the Website by browsing through. The maid will automatically readout the ingredients required and automatically prepare the food accordingly.

android maid

Plus Points

  • People who already own a microwave can also use this service, by installing the MAID console into their appliance
  • Voice Assistance during the cooking process
  • Microwave options get easier and user-friendly
  • Ever growing Database of Recipes (currently>52k)
  • Users can upload their own recipes
  • It instructs and informs when the food is cooked

Price Range

There aren’t many details, but it’s another crazy Android device to come out of India and the company has put nearly 20,000/-  to customize Android to make it work as a Microwave. The current device , which nobody has seen yet is only Prototype , but is expected to debut by the end of the year.The retail price is expected to hover around the  RS7000-8000 mark.
price tag

MAID is totally reachable to people of all classes as it is competitively priced. By the end, i feel Make All Incredible Dishes is also a suitable  acronym for MAID.Wont You??

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