what is rooting by the geek daily

what is rooting by the geek daily


Own an Android device? For you an Android is just like a software which lets you to play amazing games, run super cool apps and much more. Well, in some terms your thinking is perfectly correct. But, there is another aspect of the Android which is only meant for those who really want to scoop more out of their smart phone.

What is rooting?

If I really need to explain the rooting in simplest form, I would define as ‘rooting is an unauthorized access to the internal system of the Android OS’. 

Rooting means gaining access to the locked part of the Android device which is not accessible to the normal user. There is a big reason why this part is kept  locked for all users. If they provide you root access then there are chances that you might break your Android device and then there is no use of it. The manufacturers don’t provide root access to the user for the security purposes.

Top reasons for rooting the Android OS.

  • Unlocking hidden features

You might have seen that there are some features that are not available to you due to your region, language, country or telecom operator. Well, rooting an Android device enables you to modify the features that you wish to have in your Android device.

unlocking android by the geek daily

It’s important to mention here that modifying the internals of the Android OS is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, before proceeding you must think thrice.

  • Automation

Automation itself is such an exciting word. Is your android device enabled with automation? Well, there is an application in Play store named ‘Tasker’ which is the ‘all in one’ solution for it. However, the app is even available for non-rooted Android users. But if you are a rooted user then the app can provide you some mind-blowing features.

android automation by the geek daily

To enable automation you need not be dexterous. But you must know how to use the app properly and where to apply it.

  • Speed and Battery Life

How to increase the Android device’s speed and battery life? the two have always been the most asked questions by the Android users. Well, rooting your Android device makes it almost possible. Once you have gained the root access to your Android OS then you can do anything with it.

improve android battery life

For increasing the battery life the best application available on play store is ‘Greenify’,the app hibernates all the background applications and enables their service only when you need them. It also helps in increasing the speed of the device. When there are no apps running, there is no usage of RAM. So, your device automatically boosts up!

Gaining root access also enables you to delete the pre-installed applications and remove them from the device. This helps to free a lot of space on device’s internal memory which is occupied by those useless apps from the manufacturers.

The above mentioned three top features of rooting android device are being used worldwide. There are many other features left out by us but there is also a reason behind them. The features that we have left behind are the ones which require a little bit of skill in programming and Android OS. But the above mentioned are available for all and anyone can use them easily.

  • Installing custom kernal.
  • Installing custom ROM.
  • Tweaking the stock ROM.

are the few of the advanced features. We shall discuss about them in our next article.


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