What is Comment spam? It is an unethical way of link building strategy. Most of the blogs and websites receive 100+ useless comments (Not relevant to the post title or post content) everyday. Comment spam arrives on your website or blog in two main ways.

By Idle Idiots: By hand posting of time-wasting idiots who post nonsense for fun or try to get links to their site by posting links to their site everywhere, but more often by robots. Some idle persons used to find out the Target blog or website and without reading the content, post comments by no means or by means of link building strategy.

Automatically Script Generated: Comment spam that are automatically generated via scripts. First these scripts automatically find the relevant posts on the behalf of particular keyword from the search engines or via blog search box and generate comment spam and post the comment. The software or programs that generate automatic comment spam are known as Comment Spam Robots.

Some of the Most common Comment Spam are:

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How Comment Spam Works?

Firstly, Spam comments robots automatically find the relevant posts on the behalf of particular keyword from the search engines or via blog search box. After, it finds the post or content relevant to that keyword. It generates the comment spam relating to the content and finally posts it. The flowchart given below makes you clear about how comment spam works:

Comment Spam

How to stop comment spam?

Comment spam can be controlled by a number of ways.


  • By using CAPTCHA on the websites or blogs in the comment form.
  • Adding check box at the end of the comment form and make it compulsory to tick the check box before submitting comment.
  • Use authentication procedure for posting comment like Disqus authentication or Google Account login or by using website authentication.
  • Always read comments before approving.

One thought on “What is Comment Spam and How to Stop it

  • June 9, 2011 at 11:20 am

    Thanks for the tips on stopping spam. Why aren’t you using any of these 🙂 . I liked the point of using Google and other authentication.


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