What is Cydia

Cydia is an application which provides apps, tweaks and customization for jailbroken iOS powered devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). To understand what Cydia brings to your device, you need to know about Jailbreaking first

What is Cydia

What is Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking and Unlocking are rather familiar terms after these years of Apple domination over the gadget market.

Jailbreaking enables iPhone, iPad and iPod to allow third-party applications to be installed and run on them. Without restricting to limited apps provided from the App store, Jailbroken devices can install millions of apps and themes from third-party providers.

App World filters out hundreds of apps each day, which might be must-haves for your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Learn more about Jailbreaking here.

What is Cydia

Cydia is one such popular alternative third party app store. It is a home for several filtered out apps from the Official App store. Apple doesn’t allow some functions to be executed through apps, which it considers violating. These functions could be handy for most of the users.

Cydia offers a wide range of App World restricted must-have apps like Torrent clients, Customized Display and Theme, iPhone to TV synchronization. Cydia Tweaks

Pros and Cons of Using Cydia


For any app, getting a spot in Cydia App Store is extremely easy. It has rather unsupervised environment, unlike app store, where there will be security checks in every nook and corner.

Spyware and Malware will be your worst nightmare if you choose a wrong source. Only install apps from trusted sources like ModMyi.


Since some of these apps offer functionality never seen before in App World apps and theme and not authorized officially, there might be few bugs and performance issues.

Most of the apps I’ve tried work perfects fine. But there may be some performance issues with a few apps. For example, Lags and System hangs are the most common issues i faced with my theme customization. Despite the safety issues and performance factors, Cydia is definitely worth having.

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