Virtually everyone who has an iPhone , or any other device with iOS , has heard of Jailbreak and if once reached this point you’re still wondering what the Jailbreak , started on the wrong foot. I say this with love, but I firmly believe that any holder of an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch should at least know what the Jailbreak and what it does . Another thing is that then like it or not have it in our unit, but we should at least know what’s going on.


What is Jailbreak?

The Jailbreak is a modification of the operating system of the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch . This modification is unofficial and has nothing to do with Apple. Indeed, from this point I will refer only to the iPhone, also understanding that we include the iPad and iPod Touch Jailbreak with regard to.

Why do I want to change my brand new iPhone?

One of the main advantages of doing Jailbreak iPhone is able to release it . This is pretty much the main reason that the majority opts for Jailbreak your device, but in addition to this we will have many more advantages. applications, system modifications, tweaks and several more that Apple can not officially, but ne many cases should approve. But that is another topic

Jailbreak iPhone: Advantages and disadvantages

At primary the Jailbreak has many advantages, especially for the subject to be able to release our free iPhone , but bear in mind that by making an unofficial modification of the operating system can end up screwing up, so you better know what to do and how to do.

Advantages of Jailbreak

  • It Relieves the iPhone.

Thanks to Jailbreak which can free our device easily and at free of cost , so you must be very careful when you see ads on websites about iPhone’s software releases prior payment because normally these tools are usually free and you can find them with a simple search on Google putting something like iPhone Unlocking Y.YY X , being X your model and  Y.YY firmware version you have (you can find in Settings-> General-> About )

  • JailbreakMe: One of the easiest ways to jailbreak the iPhone and release.

This is one of the best known to Jailbreak, easily executable and with little risk. JailbreakMe is used to Jailbreak the iPhone without connecting  the phone to the computer even as simply log onto the web www.jailbreakme.com from our device to jailbreak.

We just need to access the JailbreakMe site and slide the button with your finger as when we unlock the phone. Yes, we must keep in mind that this method is not compatible with all iPhone models and versions. I leave a table with the versions of iPhone and firmware that is compatible with.

  •  Install paid apps for free.

In my opinion, it is the main reason why people usually do the Jailbreak of iPhone. Thanks to this with which we can install paid apps for free. In other words, we are becoming a pirate of Apps.

  •  Have Access to New Applications and System Modifications

This is the another reason why people jailbreak their iPhone. Apple maintains a fairly strict policy in regard to approving such applications to be offered through the App Store, which many times were officially no useful applications . Since we can not find in the App Store, we can find in Cydia , which is an application which allows thousands of new install unofficial applications . Also find system modifications, small improvements that will make us to enjoy more of our phone and customize it fully.

One such application is SBSettings , to me essential in every iPhone. This application allows quick access to options like WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, location, tethering, airplane mode, 3G , etc.. Since it can enable or disable these options easily, plus have additional options such as free RAM or close applications.

  • System modifications .

Thanks to Jailbreak which can change ringtones and SMS, add new sounds to unlock, install new themes with custom backgrounds, etc.. One change that I like is one that allows Safari download files and save them in the iPhone to open then with other applications and so a long list of available options.

Disadvantages of Jailbreak

Every coin has two sides and unfortunately Jailbreaking  of your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch also have some disadvantages which are  listed below.

  • Loss of Apple Warranty

Jailbreak an Apple device is the immediate loss of the warranty for your Apple Device. Even so, do not panic, because with a simple restoration will leave the iPhone as straight out of the box and will go back to having warranty.

  • Increased Battery Consumption.

This is not a fact that battery use is directly related  to the simple fact to Jailbreak your iPhone. It is more a result of the installation of new applications and system changes that are always running on the phone memory. The official apps are in the App Store that does not have access to certain parts of the iPhone operating system, while the officers can not fully access it.

  • Instability caused by Various Applications 

In theory applications installed through Cydia should not cause problems, but in practice we often see  some instability in our device due to incompatibilities between certain applications or drivers, applications installed incorrectly or applications that have some failure and produce unexpected closures. Still, it is usually normal and can be solved easily.

  • Loss of Configuration and Customization with Each New Update

Once jailbroken, we usually overeat installing new pipeline applications, system modifications and whatever is in our power. In the end we have a practically new iPhone as functions are concerned, but when we want to upgrade to a new firmware will lose most of these modifications . The Jailbreak is not usually available immediately. Once Apple releases an update it will require some time to reach the Jailbreak users because Apple makes getting increasingly jailbreak a device more difficult.

In theory there are apps in Cydia that allow us to save our configuration , preferences unofficial applications installed, list of Cydia applications, etc. But again, in practice it may not be quite as nice. Personally I prefer to install everything from scratch for each new firmware, because if we make a backup of our apps in Cydia and then restore it on the new firmware we run the risk of problems caused by incompatibilities with the new system or even failure undiscovered.

  • Complexity

The Jailbreak is a very powerful tool, and as Spiderman’s uncle said, ‘With great  power comes  great responsibility‘ this is applicable for jailbreak iOS but you don’t need to worry about it because countless manuals of Jailbreaking are available on the Internet. There are versions of this or occasions that require certain minimum knowledge to go everything in right way.


After seeing all these points its up to each one individually to decide whether to Jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or no. Share your thoughts about Jailbreaking by commenting here.

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