What is Keyword Research and How to Use Google Adwords Tool for it

SEO keyword research

Being a blogger, you should understand and realize the importance of a keyword research and know how to use it effectively.  I’m sure “Keyword Research” and “Google AdWords Keyword Tool” aren’t new terms for you. But if you are a blogger who has comparatively less knowledge on these terms, this post is very important to you. It will explain what keyword research is, why and how you should do it and the tools required.

Blogging has been a passion and profession for a lot of people. The primary goal of every blogger is to get quality and consistent traffic. Only a search engines can provide you consistent and quality audience. People from referral links visit your site just to increase the number on your site daily stats. People from search engines read your blog because, they have been searching for it.

What is keyword research?

In simple language, keyword research is finding the search terms and search phrases which a user looking for information on the topic you have written uses to find the article.

For example, what do you search when you are looking for information on keyword research?

  • What is keyword research.
  • Why is keyword research important.
  • How to do keyword research.
  • Tools to do keyword research.
  • How to improve traffic with keyword research.

The above list is a probable search terms you might use, but we are not sure. We will use keyword research tool to find out what exactly most users use.

People use natural language as search query. People don’t search for “Acute nasopharyngitis prevention methods” when they are suffering from common cold. It might have great search volume number, low competition and high CPC, but it isn’t practically used.

Why keyword research is important?

Search engines rank a page for various keywords/search phrases, and show it user when they search for a particular term based on the rank of the page for that search phrase. We want our page to be ranked for the right keyword/search phrase which has good amount of search volume. For example, we want this page to be ranked for “What is keyword research” not for “TheGeekDaily” or a “Technology blog”

With proper keyword research and optimizing your blog post for the right keyword, you will get traffic that is genuinely interested in what you wrote, traffic that will stick.

How to do keyword research?

How to do a keyword research? This single question has lots of other questions in it. Let’s go through it-

Useful tools for keyword research

Getting Started With Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google AdWords Keyword tool is considered to be the best and the most widely used tool for a perfect keyword research. You can directly go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool or you can also choose it from the Tools & Analysis tab in Google AdWords page.

 AdWords Keyword Tool

Once you get a screen like this, you’ve to search for the keyword you want. You can enter them manually one per each line with an option to choose your preferences like target Country, language, device etc…as you see above. Let me tell you with an example- say, I am looking to optimize this article. So, I will use the probable search terms I picked above to fine tune my list.

Here is the step by step process to refine your keyword

  1. Search with the keywords you shortlisted.
  2. Switch to keyword ideas tab
  3. List he keywords that closely describe your article. For example we don’t select analytic and Google analytic though they have huge search volume.
  4. From the above list, pick the ones with low competition and large search volume. We selected “What is keyword research” as it closely describes this article, though it has medium competition.
  5. We will also use ad-words keywords tool as our secondary keyword.
  6. It’s good to pick 3-4 keywords apart form the primary one and use them in the post to improve the context.

As you can see, I’ve selected the keyword Adwords keyword tool and What is keyword research which has a low/medium competition and a very good volume of searches. You can also see the CPC of that keyword, if you are signed into Google AdWords with your Google Account.

How To Use That Keyword?

Once you’re done with the research part, now you must use the finalized data effectively to rank good in the results. Your On-Page SEO isn’t the only place to insert these keywords, you must place them in

  • Use the key word in post title and page title.
  • Content
  • Page URL
  • Headings
  • Use it in bold and italic text.
  • Meta Description
  • Anchor tags and
  • add some tags to the post

If you are a WordPress user, I suggest you to use WordPress SEO by Yoast which gives all the data regarding the provided “focus keyword”, it also gives tells you the result. You can find all this stuff at your Add Post page. Correct the warnings and Okays to get better results.

 AdWords Keyword Tool

That’s it! You’re done

What else now? You’ve completed learning a Keyword Research, now it’s time for you to implement it practically and use effectively on your site.

Some Other tools you can use for a keyword analysis

  • Google AdWords Traffic Estimator Tool – You can use it to estimate the traffic for a provided keyword.
  • SpyFu/Keyword Spy – Use these tools to check whether there are any advertisers for your keyword. You can also check the average CPC  of that keyword
  • Wordtracker Keyword Tool- When you’ve got a good keyword and don’t have any idea on writing about that. You can use this to get ideas for that keyword
  • Google Search – yes! Google itself is the best source to find any of the stuff. Use inverted commas (“) before and after your keyword and search (“adwords keyword tool”, for example). You’ll get the exact matches of the provided query. You can get an idea about that keyword and what people usually write for that keyword.