New Features in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10130

Microsoft is building something extraordinary. Although, they have not confirmed the final release date of Windows 10 stable version, yet, they have been developing Technical build for the users to know what they want and what they don’t. Recently, Microsoft has launched Windows 10 Build 10130, which comes with minor improvements and some bug fixes. However, some bugs does still exist in this latest build.

New Features in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10130

New Features in Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10130

As mentioned above, it comes with minor enhancements and few bug fixes. Anyway, the following list will let you know everything about this new build’s new features.

Start Menu Settings

Start Menu Settings

Even though, previous builds had Start Menu, there was no such good menu to set it up according to a user’s need. Therefore, Microsoft has included an option under Settings app that will let you make basic customization of your Start Menu. Here is what you can do with these options,

  • Show/hide app/content suggestions
  • Store recently opened apps and programs
  • Show recently added app group
  • Change the link of app group
  • Use full-screen Start when in the desktop

Icon Design

The previous build, Build 10122, has some changes in the icon set. However, the folder icon, drive icon and all other icons have changed since the last build. You know that Microsoft wants to develop such an OS that lets users use it on mobile as well as PC. And, this particular icon seems to be perfect for both of the devices.

Taskbar Jump List UI

Taskbar Jump list background color

Since the first version of Windows, Microsoft used White in the Taskbar jump list background. However, the color has been changed in this newly launched build. Microsoft has included Black in the background of Taskbar jump list.

Pin Webpage in Microsoft Edge

Pin Webpage in Microsoft Edge

Although, Microsoft has included a new browser in Windows 10 Technical Preview, yet, that is not as good as it’s competitors. Therefore, this software giant is building it and as a result, they have included another new feature, which is called Pin Webpage. Now, you can pin your favorite or any useful webpage to the sidebar of Project Spartan.

Filtered Taskbar

Previously, Windows had no option to hide opened programs from taskbar even when you are on the second desktop (using virtual desktop). That means, if you have opened Notepad on the first desktop, it will be kept on the second virtual desktop. Nevertheless, this new build has the option to toggle that.

Keyboard Shortcut for Cortana

Cortana search using keyboard shortcut

Although, a little setup can help you to open Cortana search using voice command, yet, if you want to use keyboard shortcut to access Cortana, just press Win + C to open Cortana search pane.

Runtime Update on Windows Store

Although, the new Windows app Store is still under development, yet, Microsoft has included such a feature that will let users get runtime update on Windows Store (beta). This particular option will help you to update your modern apps faster and you can select whether an app should be updated or not.

New Movies & TV App

Since Windows 8, Microsoft Windows has Video app, which does what it says. However, now, the name of this tool has been changed in this new build. Now, Video is known as Movies & TV. It has got few changes in UI and features but the core thing is almost same.

Final Word

Microsoft has been developing this upcoming Windows version since a long time now. Every release comes with a couple of new features and the above mentioned list is the new feature of Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10130.

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