What is Proxy ?

Before going to know “what is proxy ?” you all are familiar with the term “Internet”. Internet is basically a client-server architecture which uses different protocols like Http, SMTP, FTP to exchange the data over the network. That is user requests for a file/media that he is interested in, and server send back the data to that user. For this web-server requires the additional information. This information is transmitted to the server by a browser or proxy server.


Generally, it requests the server is:

  • name and version of the OS
  • name and version of the browser
  •  configuration of the browser (screen resolution, color depth, if there is support for java / JavaScript).
  • address IP Client
  •  other information

Thus, the term proxy refers to any device or application that makes an intermediary between a computer connected to the Internet and the server to which you connect. Its most common use is to enable the Internet connection of multiple computers networked through one which is what is actually connected to the Internet.

But, the proxy’s have other interesting uses for the “sailors”. Sometimes, by theme performance is suitable to connect through a web proxy is a device that is “closer” to the server you want to connect. This device is caching information pages visited, so the first time this proxy itself making the request to the server. But, if people connect to cached pages and do not need to apply to the server thereby improving performance.

Other times, for security, confidentiality or anonymity we visit certain pages without knowing your IP address, which is our online identity. This is where running the proxy’s anonymous.

Roughly, proxy’s can be classified in:

  •  Public , Do not hide the identity.
  •  Anonymous , Identity is hidden but you betray the intention, since they show that you connect through proxy.
  •  Elite or high-anonymous, used to hide the identity and also you’re hiding behind a proxy.

Blocking access to certain websites is day by day increasing. It is not only censored from countries with questionable democratic credentials, but most companies choose to block access to certain pages of their employees in order to stay productive. Even lot of schools and colleges and having internet facility blocks the social networking and other entertainment websites. So we’ll glad to help you to know some tricks to access blocked sites from work or school or your college:

Top 10 Tricks to Access Blocked Sites

1.Use IP address

– This is the easiest way to bypass a blocked domain restriction. For example, instead of putting put To find the IP address of an address you can use site 24×7 tool.

2. Use the Google Cache

– If you do not care about the latest updates to a page, it’s best to use the Google cache. Do a search for the page you want and give it to cache.

3. Use an Anonymizer

– This complicated access a hidden network routers or switches the direction from which you access the Internet. Some even encrypt the URL. The problem is that these services are not free, and change your status very easily, that is, is a very dynamic area. Google searches for the latest updates of these services. For example, these are free for now:

Proxify – Hides original URL and gives you access some options. It is one of the best services of this type.

Anonymouse – More you-pick, but it is visible.

Sesjobs – This is another proxy website which lets you open the blocked sites like facebook or twitter.

4. Use Google Mobile search

– Google mobile search works, but the quality is not very good. It works as a web proxy.

5. Use a Public Proxy Server

– Public proxy offers numerous services. To use them you have to change the settings of your browser. This list gives you some options to do so. Just you need to take care while choosing the public proxy because the information that you are sending over the network might be misused by hackers. There is no data confidentiality and authorization in case of public proxy servers.

6. Get Web Pages via E-mail

– To work by using this method, you just need a website. Obviously access to ‘heavy pages’ is not possible. Some examples are web2mail which includes subscriptions to websites, or here, where not all listed services work.

7. Use ‘Tor Distributed Proxy

– Tor is an advanced proxy server using multiple anonymous servers for a single website. It is necessary to download and install the application on your computer.

8. Your Own Proxy Server

– This is an advanced technique that is probably the best. It’s necessary to install a proxy server on your own webhost. Some examples are used as a proxy web server apache, Privoxy or PHPProxy. Even you can turn your WordPress blog/site to proxy site by installing Re-Press plugin.

9. Use Fixed Content Providers

– For example, if you have blocked Gmail, you’ll see a strange email address and enable it for use with Gmail.

10.Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)

– You can easily bypass the access to blocked sites through your network by using VPNs. There are lot of free VPNs available in market like HotSpot Shield.

Tested Proxy List for the Year 2012 – 13:



You can easily surf the blocked websites from your school, college or office. Just care should be taken when surfing the websites, do not send the confidential data on such networks. We’d be glad to know your opinion about using proxy sites. Just drop comment below in order to express your thoughts

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