What Is The Difference Between Laptop and Notebook?

Technology is getting better every day and so the devices are getting slimmer and even more stylish. Computers which occupied an entire room was the past and today, we can carry the same computer along with us, just-in-hands. Portable laptop computers as we call them in our language. But wait! Didn’t you notice few more additional terms which are nothing but a general laptop computer? Yes, the notebooks and netbooks. Though they’ve a difference line between them, the line is just getting vanished with the rise in technology.


Do These terms Laptop and Notebook Mean Different Products?

If you are looking to buy a portable computer, the answer is no. One might not find much difference between a laptop computer, a notebook and probably a netbook too. The choice limits to the company itself whether to call it a laptop or a netbook or whatever. However, size matters accordingly to the given terms.

I don’t know if the rise of MacBooks started affecting other companies. But most of the companies have removed the term laptop from their products and instead they are now adding a notebook or a netbook or maybe we can see a new word which will be another synonym for laptop computers.

What Is A Laptop Computer?

Laptop computer as the name predicts it is a portable computer which can fit on your laps. Laptop computers are now more technically being called and mentioned as notebooks. But in fact, laptops are bigger in size and weigh well enough unlike notebooks and netbooks.

What Is A Notebook?

notebook pc

These are very thin and weigh very less when compared to laptops. A typical notebook doesn’t weigh more than 6 pounds. And they can be easily fit in a brief-case too. Notebooks use a different technology known as the flat-panel technology, to weigh less and look so thin. They are highly capacitive and can be no less than a personal computer. They have the same CPU, disk drives and everything, literally. But packing all these in a single sleek thing can be really expensive. And like laptop computers, these are installed with battery-systems that let you run the computer without actually plugging in the socket. However, you’ve to charge the battery for every few hours.

So, What Actually Is The Difference Is?

Actually the laptop is designed to be the portable desktop computer so that it can be carried to anyplace with ease enabling you work with it on your laps. But as laptops are heavier and bulkier than notebook computers, the tradeoff is getting vanished. Because, to be a more portable device, notebook computers are designed as thin as possible and they also weigh very less. It’s all because it didn’t come with number of devices packed together.

Years ago, laptop computers were considered as the best alternative for the desktop computers. At that time, notebook computers were having a smaller display than the laptop computers. They are arranged with few drives, the sound modems. Since technically, the difference between these two gadgets is just the matter of size and weight. Now with the rise in technology, few more differences have been evolving between a laptop and a notebook.

laptop notebook

Consider an example, in 1989 when NEC released an ultra-lite notebook which is considered to be the first notebook computer; it had a CPU, ROM, RAM, a built-in modem and a RS-232C port. It weighed around 5 pounds. At the same time, Compaq’s laptop computer which had CPU, memory, hard drive and floppy drive hardly weighed 12 pounds. So the laptops can be twice or thrice the thickness of a notebook.

What’s happening to Laptops?

As technology today is bringing the slimmest devices to people, the size of portable computers is gradually decreasing. The traditional portable heavy weighing computers as now are not being made, the term LAPTOP is getting disappeared. In addition, each of the product manufacturing company is using a new term for its portable computers.

Like Apple has its own term MacBook, other companies have started adding general terms to their products. Like nowadays, we people are seeing more notebooks than laptops. Even the term, netbooks is also being used more. And the latest Intel’s ultrabook started one more new term to the market. So when technology is making the gadgets

Today, you can see Acer names its products as notebooks on its website. Even Gateway, Sony, Sharp, NEC, IBM and many others are also using notebooks to describe their product. I see Dell is only the manufacturer that is still adding laptops to each of its new product.

So what do you use laptop or a notebook? Or is it some netbook or a ultrabook? You might have already seen the typical laptops in earlier days. What differences do you find between you present day’s notebook and the laptop of past?

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