slingshot features

slingshot features


Facebook Inc. recently launched their new application for smartphones called Slingshot. The app became viral in no time when Facebook added the app on Google Play Store and announced it on their official page. Facebook now owns the world’s most popular Social network, instant messenger , photos sharing platform and much more!

With the launch of Slingshot, Facebook has directly revealed that the app is the Snapchat killer which is another photo sharing app with selected contacts with self-destruction features which is actually buggy with the availability of Screenshot feature in smartphones. Well, we will talk about it a bit later.

So, here we are going to talk about the top 5 big differences that Slingshot brings with it and its comparison with Snapchat.

#1 Text customization.

slingshot features

Slingshot is added with a super cool feature of editing or customizing the text on the picture. The app gives you access to the number of styles and colors of the font so that you can edit or add it according to your mood. Unlike in Snapchat, you get a rigid place for text and style of text. You don’t have any control over the font on the images and it looks a bit weird. The drawing tool on the Slingshot is a great addition and is far better than Snapchat. The editing options that the drawing tool provides are absolutely great and flawless without being present on Snapchat which is a big reason to worry for them as users wanted such power of editing since long time.

#2 Camera Quality.

slingshot features

The camera quality on the device is fantastic and it is a good performer. The camera of the app is much better than the Snapchat’s one. Facebook has paid attention towards the camera development for the device and has also added selfie button to the device which actually takes a selfie much better than Snapchat does. The video recording on the app is also great and the video results are also outstanding.

#3 Approvals vanished!

slingshot features and more


The main and most talked feature of the app is Approval vanishing. The developers have made such arrangements that you don’t need anyone’s approval for sending the images or image messages as this makes the usage very limited. While on Snapchat, you need special approvals from the people then only you can share the images in a smooth way. This can be a discomfort feature for some because by this, anyone can send you messages and pictures but if we look at the other side of the feature its kinda good one!

So these were the 3 top features of Slingshot which are absolutely absent on Snapchat. However, the app is already listed on App store and Play store  Personally I liked this very much over the Snapchat. So grab it and tell us your views in comments.

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