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“Windows” the name for the largest user-friendly operating system updated with the new version as windows 8. Windows is now the best and the biggest selling operating system all over the world. As windows provides a user-friendly environment to the individual that’s because it’s of the best operating system of all. Here in this post we are going to show you a comparison between how window 8 is different from windows 7.

Windows 8 Vs Windows 7

Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 comparison

#1 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Touch Feature

  • Windows 8 is built with elegance. The touch screen feature makes windows 8 different from all other versions of windows that have released till yet.
  • While on the same hand if you talk about windows 7, it doesn’t deal with the touch screen or many of the in-built features that you get in windows 8.
Windows 8 touch

The touchscreen feature that makes it different from all other operating systems. Microsoft admits that we have great expectation from windows 8. So, here we have some of the biggest comparisons that make windows 8 different from windows 7.

Windows 8 touch feature makes it better and the best of all versions of windows that have come yet. As windows 7 is also touch supported but as compared with windows 8 it doesn’t deals with the same interface that windows 8 has, when it comes to desktop windows 8 has a better hand as if it provides the touchscreen interface that you would not be able to find in windows 7, and the start interface is totally touch based that’s why this touch feature of windows 8 makes it far more better than windows 7

#2 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Start Screen

  • Windows 8 start screen also plays an important role in making windows 8 a better operating system as compared with other versions as I have discussed above that windows 8 has a touch feature same as it has touch start screen too.
Windows 8 Start screen
  • And this start screen is not the same as windows 7 has, Microsoft has made many changes to this operating system as if you would be able to find you normal start screen but without the traditional button of Microsoft windows. You would be able to see everything on the desktop like you will see most of your desktop installed apps on the start screen that makes your work easier and convenient too.
#3 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Multiple support for Monitors
  • Windows 8 is added with many of extraordinary features like it has better multiple monitor support. Windows 8 allows you to work on two displays if one owns two different monitors, as seen.
Better multiple monitor support windows 8
  •  Windows 7 doesn’t allows you to work on two different monitors but this time you can work on two, that is needed to overhaul the desktop management, by enabling or working on two will give desktop on one monitor and the start screen on the other one.

#4 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Microsoft charms

  • Microsoft has given this key arrival of windows 8 as charms. As windows 8 provides the fast search to any app within in a second. You can search; share anything by the help of the start screen as this charm gives you the quick access to what you want around your environment. The start screen really plays an important role for the windows 8.
Windows 8 charms
  • As if you can swipe you screens in quick plays with the help your fingers. Some charms options like Setting charms are given at the bottom from which you control options like volume, brightness etc.
#5 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Social and searching
  • As in starting you will come to see that there is no start menu which will make you surprised at the first time when you use windows 8 as you can find start menu easily in windows 7, but as the start screen of windows 8 makes it different form windows 7 it also gives you large access on even other search charm other than this you can also easily search easily on the respective start screen, you just have to type the following content or the file you want, windows 8 also deals with the social networking too.
WIndows 8 Search and Social
  • It supports Facebook, LinkedIn Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; you would be able to see all the social media apps present on start screen that you can easily access this feature for social networking makes it different and better featured with windows 7.
#6 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Windows support arm architecture
  • Windows 7 and other versions which are launched earlier were supporting x86 based Intel and AMD pc’s but from now onwards windows 8 will support arm architecture supported devices, as if Microsoft wants to make windows 8 and windows 8 tablets the best in comparison with iPhone and iPad.
Windows 8 ARM support
#7 –  Windows 8 Vs Windows 7 – Windows store

Windows offers a great handy store for the users, you can search apps through the search charm easily, you would be able to find both paid and free apps from the market or can say from the bucket of windows arena, after the apps are updated to your respective computer you can easily download the apps to your computer, this search charm really makes the work easier and convenient too. It is the same thing that you find in IOS and android. But you can’t find this feature in windows 7.
So, these were some of the following points that makes windows 8 far better as we got the final result from the above discussion as if gives better user-friendly environment as well as it gives you different but very useful start screen that makes you to find you app easily by just doing a swipe from your fingers. So, live your life with windows 8, and let Microsoft be the best of all in the tablet market as Microsoft has great expectation with windows 8. Comparing Windows 8 with Windows 7, surely windows 8 has lots of advantages over windows 7. Be it the tile design look UI of windows 8 or the bright color inclusion everything is different.

Share your views regarding what do you like the most in windows 8.

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