Apple iPhone 5S red color

Let me start the post by giving you an interesting fact. Do you know what the iPhone 4s meant? No? The iPhone 4S actually meant iPhone for Steve! It was a tribute to the legendary Steve Jobs by Apple. So lets come back to the present. Its rumored that the iPhone 5S will be released later this year. Now the iPhone 5 was nothing spectacular, it was just a increase of numbers. Increase in number of the screen size, processing speed and stuff like that. People were really hoping for something revolutionary from Apple. Instead they just elongated the phone and increased the hardware specifications. I was personally disappointed by the iPhone 5. People then started making parodies of the iPhone 5 on YouTube.

Recently smartphone makers like Samsung, HTC are trying to push forward new features and technologies. HTC got the Ultra Pixel in the HTC One and Samsung got us a bunch of  new features in the Galaxy S4 like Air View, Smart Scroll, Smart Pause and lots more. This invites a new and heavy challenge for Apple to bring out something spectacular in the iPhone 5s to really stand out in the market or else it will get lost in the smartphone crowd! I must say the iPhone 5S should be as such that it can lure the Android Fanboys to buy it. Now let me give you some expected features from iPhone 5S!


iPhone’s have always been criticized for not having NFC so we might see the NFC feature on the iPhone 5S. NFC or Near Field Communication is feature which allows you to transfer data just by touching two NFC enabled devices. NFC is a awesome thing. With NFC devices, comes a NFC tag. You can program your NFC tag to alter your phone settings in a certain way. For example you can program a tag and stick it near your door and program it to alter your brightness settings and also increase your ringer volume to maximum and also turn off Wi-Fi. So whenever you are going out of your house, you can just tap your phone and the settings will automatically change.


Wireless Charging

Wireless charging revolution was started by the Nokia Lumia 920. We saw Samsung following the trend and even Nexus 4 got a new wireless charging pad. As iPhone 5 missed out this features, Apple might try to bring the wireless charging feature into the iPhone 5S.


We might see an increase in camera quality and increase in the MP number which might shoot up to 13 MP. We also might see an better flash as most of the flash found in today’s smartphones doesn’t dramatically affect the picture quality.



Apple might further increase the processing speed by using a rumored A7 processor.

More than one iPhone!

Apple might release different versions of the iPhone 5S with different names and screen sizes ranging from 3.5 to 4.8 inches. This will allow Apple to capture the budget smartphone market in countries like India and China as well as the premium smartphone sector.

It is also said that iPhone 5S would come in different colours ( Which it has already done with the iPod touch)  just like the Nokia Lumia series.

iphone 5s colors

Apple’s next phone will be a deciding factor of  Apple’s position the smartphone market. I hope that Apple brings out a phone which will be a great thing for the consumers as well as Apple itself. What do you expect from the Apple and iPhone 5S? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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