Whatsapp Rolls Out The Read Message Icon Feature, Voice Calling To Follow Soon

World’s most popular and most used instant messaging service, Whatsapp started rolling out an update that brings a very useful feature that had been missing till now. With this new feature, you can now be sure if someone has read your message or not.



With the new update installed on your phone, you can now see if someone has actually read your message or not. to make this possible, the team at Whatsapp has added a new feature that adds two blue ticks next to the message that has been read. This feature was earlier missing an users had to be satisfied with two grey ticks, which signified that the recipient has received the message and they have been successfully delivered, providing no clue about whether the recipient has read the messages or not. Not only that, this new update also allows users to view all the info about a sent message like the time at which it was sent, the time at which it was delivered and also the time at which it was read or played. To see these, you have to tap and hold on your message and then tap on the “i” icon that pops up.


With the feature rolling out, Whatsapp has also updated their FAQ page with two new questions which are:  “How can I tell if someone has read my message?” and “What are those check marks next to my messages?

The feature has been rolled out to Android and Windows devices while there’s no clue when will iOS devices get the new update. If you too use an Android or Windows device but haven’t received the update yet, do not panic as updates usually take some time to reach everybody.

The blue tick feature is not the only new feature that Whatsapp users will get to see in the coming days and the Voice-calling feature on Whatsapp that has been talked about for some time is also scheduled to be out soon. We say so because the icons for missed calls, start call, end call, incoming and outgoing calls, and new call have been revealed, thanks to DroidApp.


The voice calling feature, that was earlier scheduled for a 2014 release has now been delayed to a launch in the first quarter of 2015. Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum said the delay has been caused due to some technical complications which included problems like restricted access to microphones on certain smartphones in order to enable noise cancellation. He also said that the Whatsapp team is working on making the voice calling feature work flawlessly in areas with limited 3G or just 2G internet coverage.

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