The evolution of the Internet and Social Media trends never cease to amaze. From instant messaging to social networking went , as the main source of communication, and again back to instant messaging. Of course I mean the use of Whatsapp , that every day is taking hours networking like Facebook.


Make no mistake, the biggest competitor of this social network is Twitter or Linkedin and Google +, is Whatsapp . The reason why I dare to make such a claim is that its use is aimed at communicating with friends and acquaintances, you can share photos, and you can go to several people at once by the groups.

Surely many reading this will think they are not comparable, since one is a social network and the other an instant messaging application. In this case no matter what format you have, but the services they offer. From the moment that we stop using Facebook because it is more useful Whatsapp , happens to be complementary service to competition.

There are several reasons why Facebook should be scared of Whatsapp’s growth:

  • Receptor Election : At the end the question is ” to whom your message is addressed and for what? “If you want to vent because I’m bad call (yes, should be the first option) or write for whatsapp to those closest. With joy comes in the recognition and brag factor. Of course, we also positive news coming soon for whatsapp that social network.
  • Immediacy : When you post an update on Facebook do not know how many people are actually going to show on your home page. Instead Whatsapp assures me that the message will get to who I want to reach.
  • Privacy : We are increasingly aware of what is our privacy and therefore more reluctant to publish certain content in open. Until recently was compromised the privacy of the instant messaging application, but everything changed from the August update in which amounted posts .
  • Catch up : The initial success of Facebook was that you could keep in touch with people from other countries . By then the natural route was Skype (only available on PC by then), phone call or SMS. With the evolution of smartphones is now much faster and direct contact by Whatsapp or see their states.
  • Mobile Internet : Although there are applications for Facebook chat not everyone is connected, and yet live updates from your friends in the network (as long as you are not too lazy). While that may be mentioned to others in the notifications, we return to the initial question: “Who is for your message and for what?”.

Aware of these issues against, Facebook decided to include the ability to create lists, but it’s still much easier Whatsapp operation to choose collector or protect our privacy.

By giving a vote to Facebook would have to say that evolution is positive and remains by far the network has more users. In addition,  Facebook incorporates an image repository that could be incorporated Whatsapp not (do not make sense) and can take advantage of many people still do not have smartphones.

This last point is a matter of time, as the trend is clear and also comes into play here another favorite instant messaging tool: Skype . In those days we have seen the results, in which the company announced a figure of 280 million users in the last quarter , up more than 50% over the last year.

All this leads me to a second point: If the advantage of Twitter is the immediate, the power of Linkedin is professional contacts, to your Youtube videos, Flickr for your photographs, Dropbox for your files … and slowly whatsapp is becoming the favorite tool for keeping in touch with your friends, what rotation should give Facebook to keep his reign?

Again you can not take anything for granted in Social Media, are we seeing a new change in the communication channels? .

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