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WhatsApp has changed the way we used to text, it literally killed SMSing and I don’t have to think before saying that WhatsApp is the best chatting app for Android, iOS and every other mobile platform. Recently Facebook acquired WhatsApp and since then there were many changes brought to the app which enhanced the user experience without losing the simplicity of WhatsApp. Today I will list some WhatsApp tips and tricks which many people are not aware of. If you think that I will teach a way to secretly access your girlfriend’s WhatsApp account then you’ve been mistaken, I’m not going to teach hacking or spying into your friends WhatsApp account, I’ll just share some simple tips and tricks which can help you in daily texting.

Top 7 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android

1. Hide Last Seen

Many people don’t want to share their last seen with strangers or let me be clear ‘Parents’, Earlier, hiding WhatsApp Last seen was exclusive for iPhone users but now other platforms like Android can also make use of it. Follow the below steps to control ‘who see’s your last seen’

  • Open WhatsApp, Go to Settings
  • Account > Privacy > Last seen
Here you can set people who can see your last seen, you can switch between Everyone, My Contacts and Nobody.

2. Email WhatsApp Chat History

So, if you want to share your entire conversation history with someone then you can use the inbuilt email conversation option to send entire conversation history via email.

  • Open WhatsApp conversation
  • Go to Menu > More > Email Conversation
You can also choose to send the media used in conversation like photos, videos, audio etc. After that enter the email address and send.

3. Chat Background Wallpapers

Not everybody knows that we can change the chat background images to the one of your choice. This is an amazing feature which can customize your WhatsApp look.

  • Open WhatsApp, Go to Settings
  • Chat Settings > Wallpaper
Android users may have to download a package from the Google play store. Now, you can set your favorite picture as WhatsApp background image.

4. Use WhatsApp with Two Numbers

If you use a Dual sim smartphone and want to use both your numbers simultaneously with WhatsApp then this is possible. Well, officially WhatsApp doesn’t allow this but with little spoofing we can use two mobile numbers simultaneously on WhatsApp.

To do that Read my Article: How to use WhatsApp with two numbers at same time on Android

5. Backup Conversations

If you don’t want to lose your old WhatsApp messages and conversations then you can back up them onto your disk space. This is a good way to transfer WhatsApp conversations from one phone to another.

  • Open WhatsApp, Go to Settings
  • Chat Settings > Backup Conversations
This will backup all your conversations of that time, normally WhatsApp backs up all your conversations automatically daily.

6. Schedule WhatsApp messages on Android

Well the original WhatsApp application lacks this feature but you can still schedule messages on WhatApp using third-party apps. Suppose you have to wish your best friend Happy Birthday at midnight but for that you’ll have to stay awake till midnight, don’t worry you can schedule the message and sharp at midnight, your message will be sent automatically. Unfortunately, only users with rooted android phone can use it.
  • Make sure you have a rooted android device
  • Download WhatsAuto Messages apk and Install it
  • Open WhatsAuto app, It contains names of your WhatsApp contacts
  • Enter the name of person you want to schedule message to
  • Write message, Fix Date and Time
  • Save it. Done!
Now your message will be automatically sent on the date and time you saved. WhatsAuto app is no longer available at Google Play store, so for downloading it use the above link or just search it on Google.

7. Share PDF, ZIP files, Apk, Docs etc.

Want to share a PDF or zip file on WhatsApp? But WhatsApp doesn’t allow sharing of such files, but if you follow the below trick then you’ll be able to share PDFs, Zip files, Apk’s and even MS Word Docs.
  • Download Google Drive app from Play Store
  • Upload the PDF / Zip / Apk etc on Google Drive
  • Copy the Link of the file
  • Share the link through WhatsApp
The person on the other end can visit the link and download the file on his phone. You can also host files on dropbox or any other cloud service app and share download link.
There are many more tips and tricks for WhatsApp but I think these are enough for now and I will comeback with some more soon. Do let us know if you liked this post by leaving comments below.

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