Why Antivirus Software Is As Important Today As Ever

I sometimes have to remind myself that things have changed since the ‘90s. In particular, this is true with companies like Microsoft. In my mind, Windows is the same monster it was back then, crashing regularly and frustrating us with blue screens. MS Office is the cumbersome software package that no one on earth can afford. I use a Macbook now, so I don’t have the opportunities to overhaul those associations.

And the same is certainly true with antivirus software. I still struggle to see antivirus software as a relic of the early days of the internet. I expect it to slow down my computer, while only vaguely giving me an idea of what it’s doing.

The cult of Apple doesn’t help. Apple presents itself as the natural evolution of computing, rather than just another brand on the market. They’ve admittedly done an excellent job of keeping virus attacks on their systems to a minimum. In the process, they’ve allowed us to see antivirus software as superfluous at best, harmful at worst.

But these days, going without antivirus software is asking for trouble. Today, it is more important than ever to cover all of your bases.

Antivirus software has evolved

Firstly, it’s important to point out that antivirus software has evolved. It is no longer the drain on the system that it once was. Some of the old names might put you off, so take a look at this TotalAV review to see what a newer alternative can offer.

It’s relatively cheap, simple to use, and doesn’t slow your computer to the point that you wish for a virus in its place.

And you’ll want to consider getting antivirus software immediately if you don’t have it already. The following should convince you why.

International cyber attacks

It’s no secret that certain countries are using cyber attacks to manipulate political systems throughout the world. Even the US president agrees 50% of the time that Russia influenced the election that brought him to power.

They use covert means like spreading fake news over Facebook and influencing opinions using Facebook groups.

But their attacks are not limited to campaigns to influence opinion. They’re increasingly causing chaos by sending out targeted viruses. A cyber virus that first surfaced in Ukraine recently spread throughout the world. While it was, on the surface, an attempt at extortion, it seemed the real reasons behind the attack were more malicious. It appears that the virus was meant to cause chaos, breaking down systems and harming businesses.

The important point to take out of this is that over the next few years, we can expect cyber attacks to only get worse. Rather than hackers causing trouble or making a bit of money, governments are going to be targeting people and businesses for reasons with far more gravity.

Antivirus software is not what it once was, and neither is the threat of viruses. The threat is far greater now, and it is prudent, to say the least, to protect yourself. Go for one of the new names if you feel uncomfortable with the old favorites of the past. It is well worth it.

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