MacBook Air

I know this laptop buying guide 2012 really helped you in deciding a better laptop that you are actually looking for. But when it comes to the matter of choices, people generally fall in dilemma and make some poor decisions in assembling the components.

MacBook Air

In case of Apple’s iMacs and Macbooks, you can’t get wrong. Macbooks and iMacs are built to provide better user satisfaction, speed and interface. Personally, I am a huge fan of Apple and obviously I love Macbook rather than a PC. But here, I’m gonna tell you why Mac is better than a PC.


Undoubtedly Apple gadgets are the best when we talk about the design. Simple, stylish and stunning these are. You must pay a few more bucks to get a sleek and stylish designed laptop; but in case of Apple, every single piece is sleek and stylish.

Operating System

Out of all available operating systems, Mac stands top in the list. Every iMac and Macbook runs on Mac OS X which is made for Apple computers in specific. No other PC can possibly run Mac OS like a Mac does. And for surprise, there is still no simple procedure to install Mac OS on a PC or any other computer. But a Mac computer can run Windows OS in them.

App Store

Mac App Store

If are a hardcore windows user familiar with the latest Windows 8, you might have noticed apps as a new add-on to the operating system. But Apple computers are installed with the App Store from a long time. Like you do on your smart phone, you can also download apps for your Mac instead searching for the required one on a search engine or on a torrent hub.


For a PC, you must have genuine Virus Scanner software to keep your system work the same all the time. Though some viruses exist on Mac, the chance of a virus to attack a Mac is too rare and there is no specificity of installing a Virus Scanner on a Mac.


Of course, every one of us wants to get our computer work done faster rather than ever and so you are looking for a Mac. Mac computers are faster and accurate in work. Unlike PCs, these computers don’t hang and destroy your whole work. This reminds me of my personal experience, where I was in middle of writing a blog post and designing relevant graphics for that post in my Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator of same version. And that’s enough to crash my system for the next couple of hours finally resulting in my work distraction. Macs generally don’t hang up when you put load on it. Forget this sentence, if you’re trying to put hell lot of load.

When it comes to speed, don’t go by the specs. You will definitely get a PC with speed 50% more than a MAC on paper, the extra computing power you get from a PC is used up by the Antivirus, and other useless buggy system processes.


Battery life matters a lot if you’re looking for a laptop computer. Macbooks give a greater batter life when compared to normal PCs. Unlike your PC pals, you don’t have to carry your laptop charger everywhere you go.

Though some cons exist for Mac, this suits your every need no matter if you are a designer, business man, gamer. The price may be a bit high when compared to normal PCs, but the system definitely worth the price. Do let me know why do you like to buy a Mac?

3 thoughts on “Why are MacBooks Better

  • June 30, 2012 at 12:39 am

    you have given very Nice overview about Apple Mac Books.

    * Apple Macs go with philosophy of my hardware, my software and I assure you the stability and smooth functioning and experience.
    * Costly Hardware, but economic software
    * Based on core Unix operating system, OS X is written above.
    * Light weight, tightly packed hardware. Limited models designed as per the need.
    * More frequent feature updates in OS.
    * Supports its own eco-system of devices & services like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, thunderbolt displays, iCloud, Siri.
    * Total Secrecy about the future releases to compete with duplicate device market.

    • June 30, 2012 at 12:44 pm

      Thanks Deepak for responding to my article. I’m glad you liked this. Actually, I’m also a huge fan of Apple and just love it’s minimal designed gadgets. They are so awesome


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