Why Join TheGeekDaily

In the recent months, I was introduced to Satish Gandham, the founder of TheGeekDaily.com and was immediately drawn towards the way he operates his blog and how he treats the numerous writers with utmost respect and importance.

I was looking for guest posting opportunities all around, and have found many who have published my articles. I do not always write about technology and latest tech gadgets and reviews, so I look around for different niche blogs to spread my awareness and promote my blog and social presence.


Why TheGeekDaily

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So, with so many websites and blogs out there accepting guest articles, what is different with TheGeekDaily? For those who are not aware yet, TheGeekDaily stands for Technology Bulletin and true to it’s name, all the articles here are technology related, with writers all over the world contributing to this wonderful forum.

The major piece of attraction to this blog is that every writer “GETS PAID” for his/her article!!!! I have looked around a lot and also concised my findings in this post – Get Paid To Write A Guest PostIf you look into that post, you can see 6 different blogs who actually pay their guest writers, anything from $6 to $200. But most of them have a long waiting time and also a lot of rejections for your articles. Some of them even do not reply back to you if they will ever review your post.

For a writer, nothing is more insulting than negligence. Every one of us put in a lot of time and dedication into our articles and if it goes unnoticed or rejected, it is a major turn-off. But with TheGeekDaily, my experience has been a very pleasant one from the beginning.

I submitted my request for a login and immediately Satish was there to create my profile and letting me know how to go about writing for him. Since then, I have been writing for him on a regular basis and he has always come back with valid suggestions for improving my article, like adding appropriate keywords, related images with ALT tags, META description etc. I did get to learn a lot from him not only writing for him, but could also implement the same in my blog.

Satish is also available on chat and is always there for you inspite of his busy schedule. All my articles till date have been published and can be viewed here – Praveen on TheGeekDailyAs you can see, I have been paid for every one of my 10 articles, and those numbers are not just on paper/blog…I have actually received those amounts to my paypal immediately after reaching the minimum of $15 as per his policies. There is no need to ask and follow up for payments, he is pro-active when it comes to that.

Benefits of writing for TheGeekDaily

  1. Get Paid To Write
  2. Get recognized among the various professional writers.
  3. Get backlinks to your website from your TheGeekDaily profile.
  4. Build your blog circles.
  5. Keep updated with various technological advancements.
  6. Participate in Technical Forum and get answered to your queries.

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