linux operating system

Linux operating system is developed as open source project by Linus Torvalds in 1991. The kernel, at the heart of all Linux systems, is developed and released under the GNU i.e. General Public License and its source code is freely available to everyone. It is this kernel that forms the base around which a Linux operating system is developed.linux operating system

In most of the Companies and Organizations Linux operating system is installed on the developer’s system. What is the reason that Linux operating is mostly liked by developers even if Microsoft windows is providing high end user interface and all the facility for being a professional developer?  why Linux Operating System is most developer’s Favorite? further answering these questions on the behalf of logical reasons.

Architecture of Linux: In Linux operating system all the applications directly deals with kernel, and further kernel communicate with the hardware resources and device drivers. Whereas in Windows operating system the architecture is very complex and applications takes more processing time to get access to hardware resources.Linux_architecture

GUI vs. CUI: Graphical user interface is meant for providing attractive and user friendly work area. Talking as a software tester’s point of view GUI doesn’t plays important role because whatever is written in the character form gets converted into machine language (Form that is readable by systems). But when they test application on the high GUI providing platforms it takes lot of time to convert GUI to CUI (command line user interface) and then CUI to machine language. No doubt, latest versions of Linux platform also supports graphical user interface. But like other operating system it creates no issues.

Free License: Linux platform is open source platform and is free to use. There will be  no issues related to piracy and purchasing License keys. Everyone can use Linux OS in the way, as he/she wants.

Hardware requirements: If we talk about the hardware configuration then the latest version of Linux Fedora requires the following requirement:

  • Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium Pro or better
  • Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium Pro or better
  • Minimum RAM for text-mode: 256 MB
  • Minimum RAM for graphical: 384 MB
  • Recommended RAM for graphical: 512 MB

This means Linux can be easily installed even on the systems with low configuration. So it is very economic for developers.

Software and Hardware Compatibility: Almost all the open source projects and programming environment are best compatible with Linux Platform. In the older version of Linux there was No support to video cards and that was the really big issue for developing high graphics games. But recent versions are fully compatible with video cards and Now, there are no more software or hardware compatibility issue with the latest versions of Linux.

Less prone to Security threats: Linux is Less prone to security breaching because to its file structure. Its is very difficult to get access to its file system because of its complex


Conclusion: The future of the Linux operating system is Secure. Because of its development opportunities and High demand at organization level as well as at the developer’s desktop.

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