Why Productivity Apps Won’t Increase Our PRODUCTIVITY

Two years back I bought Nexus 7 after finally knowing why one should buy a tablet and also because I heard of few productivity apps being available for Android platform which can help me shape my each day to be more productive.

At the beginning everything seemed well and then I got indulged in running for some endless tracks or killing zombies. During my two years of experience with the device all I can conclude with is ‘this stuff doesn’t work’.

If you’re just like me then let me tell you why productivity apps still don’t help for the purpose we installed them. To get to the exact reason we must take on what productivity means to us first.

What is productivity for us?

Over here I can only sketch my side of productivity and I’m waiting for your side in comment section beneath. For me, productivity simply means that I’m able to do daily stuff with ease which also reflects in the output of all my efforts during the period.

During our daily life, we got lots of digital work to deal. For example, we have to check lots of e-mails on daily basis, although it wasn’t mentioned to be a compulsory task when we signed up for the first time but we all are waiting for that one mail with either some good news or cash.

Now completing this topic is beyond the scope of this article so let’s come to our main discussion of why those productivity apps didn’t worked in our case.

Why Productivity Apps didn’t work?

Why Productivity Apps still dont help in reality

You can easily find such apps from Google play or iTunes app store using the categories on top. These apps help us to do some of our digital task via our smartphones or tablets with ease and that’s what they meant for. You can check our collection of 5 best productivity apps.

#1 Getting inundated with features

When I first used Gmail app on my new Nexus tablet then the app was extremely simple. It was just meant to check my mails and nothing else. But today the same app can do a lot of things like it can set reminders to my calendar app. Also the app became easy to use as it offers gestures rather than options to tap on.

All these extra features were introduced to make the user experience ‘awesome’ and simple but at some point of time we get inundated with these features.

Why Productivity Apps still dont help

Earlier our main task with the app was to simply read email and get back to whatever work we were doing or planned. But now those additional features can seriously grab extra seconds or even minutes of your time.

Contact app is getting way smarter day by day but its main task is to keep our contacts organized. Because of extra features we all are wasting our valuable time on them and just because of those extra features, our smartphone isn’t helping us being more productive rather it is becoming time killer.

#2 Installing and then forgetting

This is another issue with many of us. We plan to do a lot of things while in the loo and then as the day starts, those things are skipped from our mind and then another day ends up with nothing. The same thing goes with these apps.

We may install a note taking app whose main task is to keep things noted down and also remind us at right time. But that is going to happen when we will feed in the data from our side.

Google Keep is a fantastic and simplest app to take notes and get reminded about them on time but it can’t take notes on its own. We have to feed in that data and this is where we are lacking.

So to make these productivity apps work, we should be helping them first with the initial data. The main reason according to me behind this common habit of forgetting is because of lots of apps in our app drawer and the very common solution to this is to keep important apps pinned to the home screen itself.

Done from my side!

Mindfulness BellIn the current era we can easily find lots of apps to serve a common purpose and app selection totally depends on each of our selection process.

But finding a top rated app and completely relying on that to help you being more productive isn’t going to happen unless you think on your way of using them.

They all are developed for a basic purpose and that should only be the reason why we are using it.

If you wish your Android device to help you stay focus on work then best app I can recommend is Mindfulness Bell. Just try it and I’m sure you’re definitely going to get helped.

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