Why Should I buy a Tablet?

Markets are flooded with Tablets already as you read this post. From low end to high end, from budget to power house and from Aakash Tablet to iPad everything is present to suite an individual’s requirement. A lot of people ask me which tablet should they buy? How much should they spend on it? What should be the configuration for an OK tablet? and lot more. If I remember correctly almost a dozen people asked me if they should go for the new iPad or not when it was launched.

One thing I always ask myself before going for a new Gadget upon it’s launch and that is “Why should I actually buy it?”

Just buying anything and everything that launches in market doesn’t make you a Geek or Techie. Gadgets are invented with a purpose of solving daily hiccups in your life, but not all gadgets are really important. Among those 100s of gadgets that get invented every day – Tablets are one of those. Apple led the path and all others followed.

Industry’s big players such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Motorola and others are pumping great deal of money into tablets and they predict this market to be a Gold Mine. But did any body ever asked

Why should I buy a tablet?

If yes, then you have came to the right place. Worry not, if you didn’t.

So before you swipe your Credit Card for a new tablet, lets talk about why should you buy a tablet!

Reasons you SHOULD buy a tablet?

Tablet as an e-Reader

There is Kindle and there is Nook and a lot more, then why do you need a tablet for reading a book? Also Kindle or Nook costs just a fraction of what a tablet costs. I agree that Kindle and Nook are the best among other e-readers and are less costlier as well. But a Tablet as an e-Reader offers you much more. Those colored pages and images are one thing traditional e-ink readers can’t beat and then there are Comics which you obviously prefer reading in multicolor layout. Not only the colorful reading experience, but tablets such as Apple’s iPad even offer you interactive books with iBooks and iTunes U. So that makes tablet a better choice as a e-Reader.

Tablets are Portable

Yes this is true and everyone knows that. In this fast moving world, when at times you are at one place and at another moment you are at other – you need a companion that is light and portable to carry every where. Yes you do have your mobile with you, but there are things that mobile lack in. Majorly a small screen can not entertain you the way entertainment is meant to be on the move.

Tablets increase Productivity

People might disagree with me at this point, but I am not talking about typing mails and composing business proposals on your tablet. I am talking about productivity on the move viz. Editing your documents on the move, modifying your presentation with live data moments before the presentation starts, using your tablet as a second screen at office to keep your mail window open always, as a schedule manager and organizer. At times it will even help you take down notes while in meeting and your tablet doesn’t even ring in between meeting as your smartphone does.

Tablets save Paper

Yes they do! You always hear people talking about ways to save trees, well buying a tablet might be one of them. Imagine even a small book of 100 pages, if 10000 copies of that book are produced that simply means 1000000 pages! Can you imagine how many trees were cut down to make these many pages? 1000s at least. If we start using tablets we can atleast save half the number of pages used every day. You can have digital copies of books and media which will cost you less and provide publisher more profit saving him printing cost. Now isn’t that amazing 🙂

Tablets better than Old Laptops

If you don’t write much and your laptop is very old, then you should make a move towards a tablet. Tablets have more powerful processor and RAM, which can handle much better content like HD games and apps.

Tablets are cheaper than a New Laptop

Laptops with reasonable configuration costs you something around $500. If you are planning to buy a Laptop for casual use and entertainment, then a tablet would be a better choice. Tablets usually start with a price range of something $199 and can you save you a few 100 grands.

Tablets are for Travelers

Tablets have large space, great screen and wifi & 3g connectivity. You can have whole atlas with street level details on your palm using a tablet. Also it provides you all sorts of weather and directions. So raise the curtains Captain and go out on a hunt for treasure.

Tablets for Entertainment

Well this should have been the first point in this list, but I wanted to point out other various uses of tablet first and then come to entertainment part. Though you don’t require an explanation here but still Tablets are really good for movies and music. With greater capacity, HD support and ease of touch, tablets are the best entertainment devices yet. Let it be a game, music or movie you are sure to enjoy it on your tablet.

Tablets for 1 to 1 presentation and business

You might have seen people giving presentations on Desktops and Laptops at various locations like when you go to a real estate agent, in a digital and electronics shop to see product catalogs or even sales man who comes to your home. Instead of those bulky laptops or just not flexible desktops, you can start using Tablets which are cheaper, lighter and flexible.

Tablets offer Greater Battery Life

Average laptop lasts for about a couple of hours before it starts striving for a power point. But a Tablet like iPad can offer you 10 hours of continuous use.

Over to you

Well you now have just the right reasons to buy a Tablet. Next time somebody argues with you on whether to buy a Tablet or not, you have the right points to dominate them. Actually there are more, each one of us have our own reason to buy a tablet. I would really like to know your custom and tailored reasons to buy a Tablet. Please shared your thoughts and feedback using our comment system and if you enjoyed the read then share it 🙂

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