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These smartphones, being such an open operating systems has some limitations regarding the user usage. They are made keeping the usability and security in mind. Here on internet, we have been reading articles about rooting Samsung Galaxy devices, Sony devices and probably every Android device. But you might be also afraid of losing some important things regarding your phone. Despite, Android allows rooting and rooted devices perform a lot better and gives you complete phone access with total admin rights of your phone. If you own an Android device, read Why should you root your Android device?


root android screenshot

Google has not added the screenshot capturing feature in any of the Android version despite of the latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. At times, you might have to get a screenshot of your phone which you can not take it with your phone nor can wait for the ICS update. Though some Android phones, get this as an additional feature which is not default, you can start capturing screenshots once you root your phone.


You can also get access to some hardware components once your phone is rooted. You may not overlock your 1GHz CPU processor to 1.6GHz but surely you can at least increase it to an extent. You can get access to overlocking and undervolting, when your Android Smartphone is rooted. Several root-only apps like SetCPU, Voltage Control can do overlocking and undervolting for your phone.


Bloarware, also known as crapware comes along with the phone in default. You see this Samsung TouchWiz, HTC Sense, Motorola MotoBlue as the default user interface on your mobile. We often find them not-so-friendly and we might want to arrange the apps, icons as we want and you can do this only when you root your android phone. Rooting your android phone allows you to uninstall this default bloatware apps which cannot be uninstalled unless your phone is booted.

Root-Only Apps

As said earlier, when you root your android phone, you get access to several root-only android apps which will not run on other default Android OS Phones. Here is a list of some root-only android apps

Dual Mount SD Widget

This app will let you to mount your micro SD card to both of your phone and PC at a time.

Hexamob Recovery Pro

This app will help you recover those files which you might have deleted accidentally.


This is the best Android Firewall app. This will show you the app that is using the wireless connection and you can also restrict the access to the app. You can also check for the unwanted data usage that is being run.

Keyboard Manager

This free app will allow you to choose on keyboard for landscape view and another one for portrait view.

Root Call Blocker

This is a paid app which will allow you to block calls from specific numbers. So when you get calls from those numbers, your phone doesn’t ring.

LEDs Hack

This will let you turn off your phone’s LED notifications.

Sixaxis Controller

This is an awesome app that will let you connect your PS3 controller to your Android phone.

Titanium Backup

An awesome free (paid available too) root-only android app that will enable you to backup your phone’s data.

Samba Filesharing

You can share your files on Windows Shared Folder or on the Wi-Fi network using this app.

With Theft Aware

You can track your stolen phone, call and remotely know the details without letting the other end of the user know about it.

Upgrade According To Your Schedule

Are you still waiting for the Gingerbread upgrade for your Froyo device? If rooted, by the time you get your upgrade, you can have the stable working ICS on your phone. When you root your Android phone, the custom ROMs allow you to get the upgrade before your network gets you.

Custom ROMs

In order to get a user friendly UI for your device, flashing your Android phone with a custom ROM will give you what you want. There are many Custom ROMs which are made for the users and you can flash your device with any of them. You can also get Boot Manager which is available in the Play Store. This app will help you choose one among the five custom ROMs during the start.

cyanogenmod custom ROM

You might have already heard about CyanogenMod which gives you maximized performance. It’ll also get you many addons like touch to focus in camera, choosing the themes, permission management and many more things. You can also get the MIUI which is a Chinese-developed Custom ROM which gives you an awesome look and supports Gingerbread devices.

Increase Battery Life

With increased usability, you get a better battery life after rooting your phone and custom ROMs focus on increasing it. We also have some available Android apps to do this. Superpower, a powerful app which is still in its beta version can boost your battery for a longer duration. This app is available in both free and paid versions. Though there are many Android apps that will help you in this feature, but Superpower is out of the range. It will do all the required things automatically ranging from managing your connections to limiting the app usage.

Root, Because You Can

There are millions or probably billions of users all over the world who own an Android Smartphone. When you have a brand new Samsung S3, many others also have it. Everything looks the same on both of your devices. When you root your device, you select a custom ROM according to your need and so it will obviously be different from others. This will make your phone stand out even several others have the same phone like yours. Google has made the operating system, an open source and so many developers are still working to bring a wide range of apps and custom ROMs to you. Enjoy all such features which you can, only you have a rooted android device.

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