Search engines have been definitely one of the most revolutionary internet ideas ever since the inception. With a couple of clicks, you can find almost anything you want. Search engine companies have also been working on enhancing the experience by adding more features and tools to get the data to you in a faster and better way; like the Google Knowledge Graph for example.

But one should also understand that the results aren’t always consistent, especially with Google. The company has a vast amount of data stored from your search history, your profile details etc., In fact, it knows more than anyone about you. Google uses that data to bring search results that are more relevant to you, often which we do not want. For example, if a person searches for stock data, the results are different and if a person who’s, let’s say works as a stockbroker, the results are definitely different. It is because Google knows so much about you that it wants to get you personalized data.

Having known that we are always being tracked by Google, it led the internet look for other search engines that do not track us and gives us the right results every time we search for something. DuckDuckGo, the best of them.

duckduckgo billboard
Source: TechnologyReview

Respects Your Privacy

Like the picture above says, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track you, unlike most of the other giant search engines. It doesn’t even store your IP or any other information. You can search completely anonymously on the internet. In fact, this is the core philosophy behind DuckDuckGo. Even all their campaigns run around this. Don’t believe me? Check and their privacy policy page too.

If you’re wondering what’s wrong about the private/incognito mode on your browser, they have a detailed page for that too- PrivateBrowsingMyths.

Amazing Search Results

Google and other major search engines deliver you results based on who you are. Same keyword can often get you different search results. But since DuckDuckGo doesn’t collect any information from you, it doesn’t know who you are. Hence the results are same and perfect for almost anyone in the world.

DuckDuckGo has created a detailed website on how search results vary from person to person when you’re using Google. Check – DontBubbleUs

No Search History

DuckDuckGo doesn’t also save your search history. So you need not bother about those advertisements from college admission offices and beauty clinics because the company has nothing to sell them unlike Google. So you can freely search solutions for your personal problems and have no worries about it again.

It is also interesting that DuckDuckGo doesn’t support auto-complete. Now we understand how serious they are about bringing right results to the user and not the overly cluttered and advertisement supported results.

One Page Love

Unlike any other search engine, DuckDuckGo took a step forward by displaying all the results on the same web page. No Page 2, no page 3. The site loads more and more results once you keep scrolling down. Infinite scrolling, yes!

Extra Features

DuckDuckGo also features a lot of handy tools like keyboard shortcuts, !bang search, official site recommendation so that you do not end up downloading something from an unofficial source and so many other features that makes the search experience very smooth.

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