Wii U – Upcoming Video Game Console from Nintendo


The Wii U is an upcoming exciting video game console from Nintendo as the successor of the Wii Family edition which was launched in late 2011. It removed Nintendo game cube compatibility. So they decided to launch Wii U and release the same in fourth quarter of the 2012.Till now it has been launched only in North America, Europe, Australia and Japan. It is the first entry in the 8th generation of video games.

Specification and Features of Wii U:

It is unique kind of video game which supports 1080p graphics and it also has 2GB memory, 1GB as system memory and same for the game memory. It will basically release in two versions a basic white version with 8 GB internal storage and a premium black version with 32 GB of internal storage which includes stands and docks, both the versions consists of the HDMI cable. This game features a brand new controller Wii u game pad with touch screen. This controller is unique in itself as it allows the player to continue playing games by displaying the game even when the television is off. This can support compatibility with Wii peripherals such as Wii remote plus. The Wii U’s near field communication chip is located on the Wii U Gamepad. The NFC chip can be used to allow users to import content from supported devices. This is achieved by placing the device on the Wii U Game Pad. The NFC chip also has the ability to write information on items which can be used as a means of transferring information. Moreover, the NFC chip can also be used to make wireless transaction using supported credit cards by simply placing the credit card on top of the Wii U Gamepad.  Wii U Nintendo Network provides the means for online multiplayer, video chatting as well as digital downloads. Nintendo Network can also be used as a means to achieve Wii U and Nintendo 3DS connectivity.

Though the video game has a lot many advantages but still the market analysts believe that Nintendo is going to sell Wii U at loss as many other companies are also launching their games, Nintendo people have to make great efforts to sell off their product in market profitably. The combination of a tablet with traditional game controller inputs isn’t something you’ll find only from Nintendo. The Gamepad also looks a little bit like the upcoming wiki pad handheld console, which combines an Android tablet with a detachable dual-analog-stick control dock.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to play some games entirely on the tablet screen instead of a TV. Obviously this would only work for games that don’t require the tablet’s second screen for basic game play.

Overall it’s a must have videogame for all video game lovers.


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  • November 10, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Ha Ha Ha..yes but when compared to XBox 360 or Kinectic, this would be better choice.


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