Will Windows 10 Save The Windows Phone?

It’s not a secret that powerful Microsoft has been facing some serious issues with its Windows phone. More precisely, customers simply refuse to ditch their iOS and Android devices and go for a Windows-powered smartphone or tablet instead. As a result, only 3% of the market share belongs to Microsoft and that makes Windows phone far from a successful project. The main reasons for these constant failures are the lack of app ecosystem, lack of compatibility between devices and several other similar obstacles that are not an issue in competitors’ devices. However, Microsoft never gives up easily and instead of suffering because its Windows 8 didn’t work out so well, it hit the market again with a brand new product called Windows 10.

Windows 10 Mobile

According to many experts in the mobile industry, Windows 10 is basically the last chance Microsoft has in order to save the Windows Phone and whether it will manage to do so only time will tell. However, at first look, this new platform of theirs is pretty impressive and definitely deserves users’ attention.

Even though the likelihood that Windows 10 will increase the market share Microsoft holds on a level similar of that held by Google and Apple is very low, it can make a significant difference to the company. The main goal currently should be getting as many customers as possible to give this new platform a chance. Once they’re hooked, Microsoft can further develop and improve the overall experience.

So, let’s see what the main upgrades that can actually make Windows 10 first choice to smartphone users are. For starters, Windows 10 Mobile bears the idea of universal apps. These application packages should support desktop devices, tablets, laptops and, most importantly, phones. These cross-platform apps are the main weapon Microsoft uses in order to target its fellow desktop Windows users. Who wouldn’t want to have everything in one place, using the same platform? After all, that’s how Apple managed to establish its position on the market.

Windows Product line up

Aside from the seamless Windows experience that users of Windows 10 should get by using only Windows 10 powered devices, there are some other features that make this platform stand out from the others. Windows Phone is equipped with the new Spartan web browser, plus it has the Cortana personal assistant. Even though not many people would actually use Cortana, it’s definitely a cool feature to have nonetheless. Furthermore, Windows 10 comes with a polished interface, which makes the platform more appealing than ever. Naturally, the company plans to dramatically improve the app offer, since that’s definitely another huge minus for its mobile section. The simplest example for this is the extremely small number of Windows friendly mobile casinos in comparison with hundreds of mobile gaming sites that support both Android and iOS devices. Usually, Windows Phone is supported only by NetEnt casino such as the ones listed here.

Everything noted, placing your bets on Microsoft’s chances to save Windows Phone is a very risky thing to do. Nevertheless, Windows 10 does promise some superb features that could change the way we use our Windows desktops and possibly motivate us to give Windows Phone a chance. Microsoft has already made a bold move by letting users of Windows 7 and 8 to upgrade to Windows 10 for free and that’s probably one of its strategic moves to make Windows 10 Mobile more relevant to customers.

If everything works as presented, it would be a hell of a ride to have a seamless Windows experience on all your devices. On the other hand, Android and iOS fans are very attached to their preferred mobile operating system and thus it would be very hard to make them even think of trying something new. Therefore, it can’t be really predicted whether Windows 10 has the power to save Windows Phone, but it sure is a great product that won’t go down easily.

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  • October 14, 2016 at 11:53 am

    The simple answer is the windows phone is already dead.


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