On 26 October, Microsoft has launched Windows 8 officially. Coinciding tablets are offered with both Windows 8 and Windows RT – especially the house Surface models. Superficially, the two Windows versions are almost identical, but there are all sorts of differences – we summarize what there is to know about the little brother of Windows 8.

Tablets with Windows RT should be a direct Competitor to the iPad

microsoft-windows While Windows 8 can be installed based on many modern PCs and laptops to the “normal” x86, Windows RT however, is for hardware – and currently mainly Tablets – designed with ARM processors. This architecture was designed to be more attractive for manufacturers financially, because ARM processors are less expensive and tend to consume less power than processors that are installed, for example, in Windows 8 computers. Also requires Microsoft Windows RT less royalties than for Windows-8-full version. ARM processors are currently to be found mostly in smartphones and Android tablets and are manufactured for example from Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments. In light of the fact that the main code of Windows 8 has been programmed around X86 computer, Windows RT only part of the functionality of the “grown-up” windows.

Windows RT and Windows 8, despite the differences in the code at first glance very similar. As both have the distinctive user interface Modern UI with the tiles (formerly Metro UI), can be launched from the applications and arranged as desired. Although Windows RT can be considered as an alternative to iOS and Android, Microsoft has apparently not yet fully adopted the classic Windows. For as Windows 8, Windows RT also has a desktop view on board, can be started from the example earlier Microsoft apps and used – for third-party software, the desktop is locked. Even a file manager, which provides insights into deep sub-directories of the system, Microsoft can not do without. Using this file manager can also probably be files like photos, videos and the like easily arrange. Thus, it appears that Windows RT and Windows 8 is visually more similar than one might think actually.

RT Windows – only applications installed by Windows Store

A relevant point which is to be mentioned in this context are the applications. Because the normal programs that run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP are not executable on Windows RT. Applications for Windows RT jobs, only the Windows 8 Store are available – installing apps on a USB stick or via links from the Internet is not possible. Microsoft Windows is a small tablet-RT software bonus in the form of Office 2013 . This package includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote – all of which are optimized for touch operation. Users of Windows 8 for such a package must dig deep into this pocket .

Even if Windows RT in many respects similar to Windows 8, Microsoft has removed the face of the various code substructure various functions and apps. So there will be no Windows Media Player, will also be an ARM tablet not be integrated into a domain. In addition, security for encryption, that are built into Windows 8 Pro, not to be found. For business users, the Windows RT Tablets should thus probably not come into question.

Windows will be available to all users in two versions for sale, RT remains Windows only developers and manufacturers of such hardware reserved. This version of Windows is thus only have to be pre-installed on tablets and convertibles. In future, it is quite possible that this OS on inexpensive PCs and notebooks, for example for home users is used.

First hardware with Windows RT will simultaneously give the start of the new version of Windows from the end of October. One of the new devices is the  RT-Surface Tablet be that Microsoft has introduced in June. And hardware from Asus , Samsung and Dell have one model at the start. As mentioned above, should be made with Windows Tablets RT attractively priced to compete with popular competitors can. However, none of the manufacturers has called prices for their models, only Lenovo-US chief Schmoock had recently mentioned that RT tablets cheaper than the iPad can be offered. If this is so, we will probably find out in late October.

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