Microsoft has probably the most important two weeks in the recent history of the company. With Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Surface they are now with three new and radical products in the stores that will decide the future of the entire group. The chances for success are good considering the features and popularity of this products.

The pressures placed on Microsoft currently is enormous. The mobile revolution of the last decade in the form of the new device classes like smartphones and tablets. Windows Phone 7 with the U.S. group drew eventually a timid and trying to make up ground lost. With the current “Generation 8” of operating systems and their own tablet “Surface” Microsoft is now going on’s whole and is “All In“, as Steve Ballmer put it on the keynote.


Re-education of the customer requires openness and time

Since last week, Windows 8 is in stores and trying to teach the computing to the average person. Whoever zoom with the necessary openness of this process, will surely find pleasure in Windows 8 at the end. However, you must enter both Windows 8 and the surface in some time to be convincing. Certainly, the new operating system has its weaknesses but the general direction of the Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT strikes, namely the fusion of mobile and stationary operating system.

More Apps Mean More Transfer of Passengers

At this point I get around not to re-emphasize that the success of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8  very strongly dependent on the entire Microsoft ecosystem, and this may include the quantity and quality of available third-party apps in the Windows Store . Because at this point, the customer can clearly see the head start of Apple and Google, focusing for years on mobile operating systems. A switch to Windows 8 is at the customer more likely the longer the desired applications are also available for the new Windows.

Release of the New Product Was Only the First Step

Microsoft must release the three new operating systems now therefore make every effort to make the Windows platform developers tasty. And just that Microsoft wanted to meet with his this year’s / / build / conference, the 28th of October to 2 November lasted.

First time, the / / build / place this year on their own campus in Redmond, and no longer in Los Angeles,  as in previous years. Whether coincidence or not, the gesture describes the importance of the developers in the current time for Microsoft. Through its willingness to develop for the new Windows platforms, they determine the success or failure of Microsoft in the coming years.

Considering the fact that all of the approximately 2,000 seats for the / / build / conference were sold out in less than an hour, it seems that the interest of developers in any case to be present. Finally, Microsoft is also technically everything in it to make them as simple as possible. The common kernel of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 and the unified development environment, in the form of Visual Studio (Express) or the integration of web apps based on HTML5 are just the most prominent examples of these measures.

Developers Were Courted

Accordingly, the developers were also courted properly. Right at the beginning, during the opening keynote announced, Steve Ballmer that each participant will receive a Surface Tablet and a Lumia 920 smartphone. Even if such gadget gifts are customary at these conferences, this year’s package is still noticeable in terms of the value and relevance of the products. The reduction of the initial fee to register a developer account at Microsoft during the / / build / should then attract the programmers who were not arrived.

But even outside of material gifts, the developers have been taken seriously. The physical proximity to the Microsoft development sites were particularly many Microsoft employees hand and stood question and answer in all matters of / / build / participants, also away from the actual presentations or sessions. Even high-ranking Microsoft employee as Steven Sinofsky, Joe Belfiore, or Tim O’Brien mingled with the regular conference audience and gave willingly.

Conclusion: Impressed by Microsoft

After a week on the Microsoft campus, I must say that I am impressed. Not of material gifts or superlatives in the conduct of the event, but the honesty and conviction with which Microsoft takes its new product generation. The company stands behind their product closed. And my personal opinion is that Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Surface Tablet were they were all pretty in a hurry, because Microsoft was under great economic pressure, has now changed the tech world completely. Microsoft offers in 2012 a bold, fresh and innovative product line-up – of course, not without flaws. Microsoft to see in such a role is unusual, and that’s why the company is still struggling with a lot of baggage and prejudices of the past rather mixed.

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Surface have all the potential in their respective segments  properly and to compete against strong competition. Whether it will work is, to a large extent on the support from the developer. The chances of that are jumping on the Windows train good / not least by events such as the / / build. Than sticking point remains is the customer himself. Only by the widespread use of Windows in the desktop segment should also Microsoft in the mobile market soon enjoy a good reputation and be represented. However, the switch in India is traditionally take longer and more difficult than in other countries vary. So Microsoft still has a lot of work ahead.