Did you know what the new and interesting Windows 8 operating system has a feature known as Hybrid Boot system? Your PC is never actually turned off. And this in turn, lets Windows 8 to have the power and the permission to wake your PC up and do the necessary tasks. I guess, none of us would really like this feature, as it can be a hazard. PC waking up at any time, getting a burn, and voila, your house in burnt. So, how do we stop it? Let’s see below.

The Steps

Bring up the WinX menu by right clicking the bottom left hand corner of the Windows 8 screen. Click on Control Panel to open it up.

Click on the System and Security sub category, and go into it.


Next, go into the Action Center sub category.


You will see the Maintenance option in the screen now. Simple, expand it.


There will be a link to Change maintenance settings. Click on it, and proceed to the further screens.


A check box will be available on this screen, which allows the Windows 8 operating system to wake up your PC to perform the maintenance tasks. Simple uncheck this box.

Simply click ok. And, that’s it I guess.

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