Windows keyboard shortcuts that will save time while working

If you are often on your computer, always typing, you might need some window keyboard shortcuts that will help you save time. With these shortcuts, you will enhance your productivity, be it on your business, or school work. Read on to get some of the basic, and some of the not so popular window keyboard shortcuts that will help you save, handle much more work and be more productive.

Shortcuts using the ctrl button

The Ctrl button offers us some of the most popular
shortcuts we all know.

Ctrl+ C: Copy the selected item

Ctrl +V: Paste the copied item

Ctrl+ X: cut the selected item

Ctrl +Z: Undo an action. This shortcut works for any program. This combination is a lifesaver and helps recover an original copy of what you wanted, after mistakenly messing it up.

Ctrl + Y: Redo an action. This shortcut works hand in hand with the undo shortcut. Instead of scrolling up your word document to click the undo and redo arrows, try using these shortcuts.

Ctrl + W: Close the active window in file explorer

Ctrl+ N: Open new file in file explorer

Ctrl+ A: To select all, for instance, select everything
in an opened document or all files in a folder.

Ctrl+ W: To close. For instance, if you want close
applications, use this combination of buttons

Ctrl ++ or
Ctrl + – To either zoom in or zoom out the screen

Ctrl+ D: Delete selected item

Shortcuts using the ALT key

Alt +Tab: To switch between one open application to another open application

Alt + F4: Close an active application

Alt + Esc: Cycle between apps in the order in which you opened them

Alt+ Enter: Display properties of the selected item

Alt + Spacebar: To open the shortcut menu for the active window

Shortcuts using the Shift Key

Shift + Delete: Delete the selected item bypassing the recycle bin

Ctrl + Shift+ Esc: Open task manager

Shift+ F10: Display shortcut menu for the selected item

Shift+ Tab: Move back through options in the dialog box

Shift+ Ctrl+ N:Create a new folder in the file explorer

Shortcuts using the windows button

The windows button is the button with the windows
logo on it.

Windows button: Open or close the start menu

Windows button + D: Hide or display the desktop

Windows button+ L: Lock your PC or switch accounts

Windows button+ T:Cycle through programs on the taskbar

Windows button+ R:to open the run box dialog

Windows button+ P: To choose the display
presentation mode

Windows+ Right arrow and Windows button + Left arrow: These shortcuts come in handy when you want to quickly snap the applications. If you want to minimize an opened application to the right side of the screen, use the first combo. If you want to minimize an application to the left side of the screen use the second combo. This application is a quicker way to enable you to compare to files, without permanently switching from one file to another.

Windows Button+ C:To open charms

Windows button + F: Open the search charm and search files

Windows button+ H: Open the share charm

Windows button+ I: Open the settings charm

Windows button+ K: Open the Devices charm

Windows button+ O: To lock the screen orientation that is portrait or landscape

Windows button+ Q:Open search charms to enable you to search within the opened or active
app. Only works if the app supports search.

Windows logo key + spacebar: Switch input language and keyboard layout

Windows logo key + Ctrl + spacebar: Change to a previously selected input

Windows logo key + Tab: Shift through recently used apps, excluding desktop apps

Windows logo key + Shift + Tab: Shift through the recently used app in reverse order, excluding desktop apps

Some tip while using these shortcuts, is making sure you press the buttons simultaneously. I know this may sound silly to some people, but it is a challenge to some. Do not press the button combinations one at a go, press them all at a go.

In conclusion, with the above-highlighted shortcuts, you will obviously save time. Using these hacks, you will be enabled to handle more work than you previously did. Employ the shortcuts and see how more comfortable and faster things become. Gone will be the days which you were forced to scroll over and over or perform tiresome tasks just to end up with a little result that can be completed in seconds.

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