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Will Windows 10 Save The Windows Phone?

It’s not a secret that powerful Microsoft has been facing some serious issues with its Windows phone. More precisely, customers simply refuse to ditch their iOS and Android devices and go for a Windows-powered smartphone or tablet instead. As a result, only 3% of the market share belongs to Microsoft and that makes Windows phone

How to Enable Cortana for Windows Phone in Any Country

How to Enable Cortana for Windows Phone in Any Country

It’s been a year since Microsoft launched Cortana for Windows Phone with Windows Phone 8.1 update, but still not all countries are able to get this personal digital assistant on Windows Phone. Still, there are some country restrictions for enabling Cortana on Windows Phone. Coratana is a useful voice command enabled digital assistant, which may

Top 5 Windows Phone Apps Of The November Month

Gone are the days when the Windows phone were not in the race with Android and iOS devices. But with each passing day Windows phone apps are working a lot to lift the standard. Now, it does have some apps that are really wonderful and Windows Phone can boast about them too. The users are

Top 5 Paid Apps for your Windows Phone

Windows phone has opened up a whole new world of apps for its users. The developers all around the world have put in a great effort to compile all these amazing apps and bring it exclusively for the Windows Phone users. As usual, there are some apps which are available, free of cost, but then