Nokia Lumia 920 Review – Nokia’s Flagship with PureView Camera Technology

Nokia Lumin 920

Nokia Lumia 920 is an enhanced version of Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia, the brilliant cell phone manufacturers provided a specified task for the Nokia team to manufacture a mobile which supports Microsoft Windows. Hence, Nokia Lumia 920 has already been greeted with lots of enthusiasm. It is the latest edition of Microsoft’s mobile phone series. […]

HTC Windows Phone 8X – Specs and Review

HTC launched the Windows Phone 8-8X which is supposed to be top model came into the trade. This smartphone has been developed in collaboration with Microsoft and is considered along with the HTC 8S as a reference model, or “Signature Phone” for Windows Phone 8th We looked at the new model in more detail. Design, […]

How to develop Application in Windows 8

How to develop apps in windows 8

Developing application for Windows 8 is very simple. We can create our own app for our system. To develop application for window 8 we need few packages. Before we kick-start we must load our system with windows 8 release version and visual studio 2012 express for windows 8. We can download vs2012 in the Microsoft site itself. […]

Windows 8 (Phone): Microsoft’s Last Chance to Become King of TechWorld


Microsoft has probably the most important two weeks in the recent history of the company. With Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and the Surface they are now with three new and radical products in the stores that will decide the future of the entire group. The chances for success are good considering the features and popularity of […]

Samsung ATIV S : specs and price comparison

Samsung ATIV S

Samsung  from its warehouse after the launch of Samsung Galaxy Premier is back again with a new smartphone with totally different OS and features.Yes, Guys Samsung has now joined the Windows 8 smartphone arena with Nokia and HTC. From the launch of Windows 8 for smartphone Nokia Lumia was over all the news and to […]

6 Windows Phone 8 Smartphones to Watch out for

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 is a brand new OS for mobile devices brought to market very recently by Microsoft. Microsoft has been the most successful company in computer world for its Windows OS. But for mobile devices the company is yet to establish it somewhere close to that. Well, Nokia, the Finnish mobile and smartphone manufacturer […]

Windows 8 and Windows RT: These are the Major Differences


On 26 October, Microsoft has launched Windows 8 officially. Coinciding tablets are offered with both Windows 8 and Windows RT – especially the house Surface models. Superficially, the two Windows versions are almost identical, but there are all sorts of differences – we summarize what there is to know about the little brother of Windows 8. Tablets with […]