Google Doodle slalom canoe complete in 10s

Google swimm dangerous sports in olympic slalom canoe

London Olympics 2012 : As Continuing to it’s Doodle trend. Google today on 9 August released a new Google doodle named as Slalom Canoe. In Slalom Canoe also know white-water-Slalom the player in the decked canoe have to dodge the course obstacles in the best possible time. With the last two doodles been most creative and interactive games. I wasn’t able to score 3 stars in any of the two games. And the last basketball doodle been the most embrassed for me haven’t been able to score more than 12 baskets in 24 seconds. But in this Slalom Canoe doodle i somehow managed to get three stars with the best world record timing which you won’t be able to break because my timing is 10.9 seconds with 3 stars.

Google Doodle slalom canoe complete in 10s

So, you see how you much you try you won’t be able to beat me. Don’t get sad because i too wasn’t able to really finish the game in 10.9 seconds inspite i finished it in 22.8s with 2 stars. So, you can see now that iam not a good player as you think. Here iam going to share my secert how i finished the game in 10.9 seconds with 3 stars.

First you need to play the Slalom Canoe game and at the time when your results comes with timing and how much stars you got like 22.8seconds, 2 stars.

Then simply goto where 22.8 seconds text is there and then right click on it and select inspect element then you would see some coding like

Google doodle slalom canone score derease timing and increase stars

<span id=”hplogo_sbt”  class=”hplogo_sse”>22.8s</span>

Edit 22.8s with your desired time like i edited it to 10.9s . Then if you have got 1 stars, 2 stars and want to have 3 stars simply goto the next two lines and you will find some codes like

<div id=”hplogo_sm class=”hplogo_smh”></div>

Convert it to <div id=”hplogo_sm class=”hplogo_smg“></div>

In these case you have changed a single text smh to smg to show stars

increase stars and decrese timing in google doodle

And now as you have successfully decreased your timing and increased your stars. You are now ready to impress your google+ buddies with saying A new world record has been set up by me. Try to break it.

If you are having any diffculties in increasing your stars and decreasing your timing let me know.

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