A photo that has been apparently leaked from Samsung’s workshop, and acquired by SamMobile suggests that the South Korean company might be looking to provide additional RAM in upcoming Smartphones.

I know, that above photo confirms nothing, anyone could’ve have placed this 3 GB sticker – just for fun. But if we believe the sources, we might see upcoming high-end phones from Samsung feature 3 GB of RAM. That’s not all, the same source also claims that Samsung will use full touchscreen displays in future devices – it means there will be no physical button in Galaxy SIV.

Right now, all this is just a rumour, for me, this photo doesn’t account for anything. But there’s something that I have noticed year after year — companies want to provide the best set of hardware, even if that’s just on paper. Competition in the phone world is stiff, therefore, it won’t surprise me if Samsung installs 3 GB of RAM in its upcoming Smartphones, just for the sake of releasing a Smartphone that’s got relatively powerful hardware.

Source / SamMobile

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