Best Blog Analytics Software to Increase Blog Performance

The most of important part of blogging is ‘Getting Readers’, people who are successful bloggers are successful because they have a huge reader base.

They cultivate their blog readers by providing high-quality, unique content and if you want to be a big name in the world of blogging write good, unique and quality content.


Writing content is one thing but you must constantly have a look at your numbers. How many people are visiting, the areas they spend most time on, page views, time spent on site etc. These are some of the things that enable any blogger to advance further.

If you are getting high mounds of traffic then you can continue doing what you are doing currently but if not you can change your approach almost instantly.

See, most bloggers are getting traffic from Google and their algorithms for rankings change after some time. In order to get ahead in the curve, you got to get a complete analysis of where you stand all the time.

Today you will get to know about 5 Blog Analytics tools which will enable you to know everything about your blog, your visitors and whether Search engines loves you sites.

Note: Sometimes bloggers write high quality content but don’t know that their webpage is a ‘noindex’ page. They lose the traffic and hence their blog is dead even though it has brilliant content.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is the best software for tracking website traffic stats; it has highly detailed description of your traffic and the sources from where it is coming.


If you want to know about the areas where your readers click, they have in-page analytics for that. Google Analytics also tracks Adsense earnings, so if you want to know which content is generating more revenue, Google would be happy to give you that information.

You can register for an account with Google Analytics using the same Google email; it is a very beneficial website analytics tool.


After Google Analytics, Sitemeter is good too. Although it has a very basic layout but still provides detailed information about your blog’s visitors, their browser capabilities, time spent on site, page views, unique hits etc.

You can also see from where people are coming and what search keyword they are using to get to your blog.

It has a premium version too but free version works well as well, try out Sitemeter today.


Whos.amung.us is a domain that denotes – “Who’s Among Us” It is real-time analytics software that give information about visitors currently reading your blog.


It has a pro version which gives better analytics including the keyword and lot of other stuff. But if you want to know about the areas and popular content of your web page, whos.amung.us is good stuff.


I got to know about this a little late, just after 7 months of my blog’s inception. It is a very good tool, even though it is free, it has highly advances tracking and reporting system.

You can actually see the traffic graphs, the keyword, domains linking to your blog, traffic sources and analyze your Google Ranking for various keywords.

The best after Google Analytics, I am in love with GetClicky.com


This one is similar to Whos.amung.us but it is not a web application, it is software that you have to install on your computer. Woopra is unique and gives your details about your readers along with their IP address so you can track whatever they.


Quite intelligent software yet people don’t use it because they have to install in on their PC. Although it has very good popularity on the web, it still dies in front of Google Analytics. Try out Woopra.

Please let me know which softwares you use to track your blog’s performance in terms of traffic. Do you use free software’s or paid ones for blog analytics?

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