Gamers have you experienced Kinect yet? A head spinning technology brought to reality by Microsoft!

Well if you haven’t, here’s your chance to experience the virtual world of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect. In this post, I’ll cover an over-view of how far can Kinect take you and what are its potentials.

You are the controller. No gadgets, no gizmos, just you!

Kinect brings games and entertainment to life in extraordinary new ways without using a controller. Imagine controlling movies and music with the wave of a hand or the sound of your voice. With Kinect, technology evaporates, letting the natural magic in all of us shine.

What is Microsoft Kinect, in it’s most simple form?

Kinect can be thought of as a webcam, but to your current Xbox 360 console. Microsoft introduced Kinect as a response to Nintendo’s Wii (which revolutionized gaming from gamepads), but Microsoft removed the concept of controller all-together. And made you the controller. Kinect act as an ad-on to Xbox 360, you just plug-in the Kinect using the USB to your Xbox 360 and you are ready to boil!

Kinect was formally coded as Project Natal

Kinect Labeled Diagram

How did Microsoft tame Kinect to recognize me as a Controller?

That’s a smart question well, let me take you to the deep ends of how Kinect works. Kinect is very intelligently designed to sense the invisible Infrared Rays (IR) present all around us. Kinect is not just an ordinary webcam device, but it tracks you wonderfully using these IRs. Not only this, Kinect is designed to track up to 48 points on our body for up to two players simultaneously. That’s not all.. Kinect can even see you in real life colors and recognize you to login(biometrics). Kinect not only can recognize your movements but can also recognize your speech for voice commands, it consists of a microphone that helps to detect voice commands. See this demo video presenting Kinect and you as the Controller:

Microsoft E3 Kinect Demo Video

Awesome, but which Kinnect bundle is right for me?

To enjoy Kinect you have to own a Xbox 360 as its a Microsoft proprietary. If you already own a Xbox 360 you are ready to jump in, just buy a Kinect device and zoom! But if you still haven’t purchased one, Microsoft offers you two variations of Xbox 360 viz.

1) Microsoft Xbox 360 equipped with 250 GB HDD and a Kinect sensor [Costs around $500 (] or

2) Microsoft Xbox 360 loaded with 4 GB of memory with Kinect sensor [Costs around $250 (]

Good, but I am not a Gamer, can Kinect impress me anyway?

Of-course yes, Xbox 360 combined with Xbox live and Kinect can do miracles for you. Not only can you play games but you can watch Movies, listen to Music, Use Facebook and services like Netflix etc. all under one roof with just your Voice or Hand gesture without a controller. Kinect brings down the dream technology to life – You now command your world of entertainment!

Kinect is not just a place for entertainment, it even connects you socially! Just like Skype, Kinect offers you VideoKinect, which is a video chatting software that supports your Windows Live and Xbox Live friends. You can even watch videos and listen to music socially… Kinects even offers you Zune that has a collection of over 7 Million songs which are just a command away from you.

A Healthy Fun

Overall, Kinect has not just brought gaming, entertainment and social lives together, but it’s above all – Healthy Fun! And this is the reason it was chosen by Parent’s worldwide as the “Winner! Parent’s Choice Awards”.

New Era Has Begun

Microsoft is exploring new avenues where Kinect can bring life-like fun and entertainment. Kinect will soon be offering Virtual World Tour and Virtual Shopping. Disneyland Tour is the first to get to life and you will be able to try apparel before you buy them. There are unpredictable possibilities that Kinect can bring to life. With this note, I would like to leave you here with some awesome Kinect Videos, Enjoy them and do leave your feedback via comments –

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