Xbox 360 Kinect is still the leader in Gaming

Kinect Sensor Technology

Microsoft announced about Kinect Sensor in June-2010 during E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). Kinect Sensor is a 3 dimensional camera, works with Xbox 360 console as Gaming input. This was an answer to Most successful gaming console Nintendo Wii at that time, which worked on the principles of wireless motion sensor. XBox 360 with Kinect removes the need for any kind of gaming remote control. Sensor takes your entire body as input to the game. Microsoft launched the Kinect Sensor with Xbox 360 during holiday sale of X’mas of 2010.

Since June-2010, there has been no product announcement from competitors, which works with 3D camera as input. This makes Microsoft undisputed leader in Gaming Console for many many years. There are two competing products to Microsoft XBox 360. These are Nintenodo Wii and Sony Playstation. Nintendo slammed the gaming market by launching Wii during X’mas season of 2006. Wii dominated the gaming market on number one position for 4 years.

Nintendo Wii Console with sensor

Sony PlayStation even though provides stunning Graphics and Blue Ray Player support in PS3 couldn’t convince many gaming entusiasts. Sony answered to Nintendo Wii by bringing the MOVE product, which is quite same as Wii. Difference here is MOVE emits different color light captured by PlayStation Eye camera.

sony playstation move sensor

Why Kinect Sensor leads other competitors

  • You don’t need to buy additional controllers to participate in the game. As your body is controller, you can involve your entire family in game without any additional hardware.
  • Since you don’t have many controllers, you are free from burden of batteries or charging each controller.
  • Kinect Games are quite simple which can be learned by even young kids starting from age of 3 years.
  • As you are not holding anything in hand, there is no chance of loosing controller and hitting your LCD. (There were cases where people lost Wii controller and hit their television)
  • Kinect offers many family games. They build team spirit within the family and all the generations can interact with each other.
  • Wii may have plenty of educational titles, but when it comes to natural way to interact with educational content & high end graphics, Kinect titles go way ahead of Wii in competition.
  • It is complete physical exercise for kids. They are not sitting on sofa  to operate the game with Joystick.
  • Many Kinect games can make even elders sweat. People get surprised at the end of games the amount of work out they did with fun.
XBox 360 White
XBox 360 with Kinect White

How much it is going to cost ?

  • Rs. 24,990 for XBox 360 with Kinect Sensor and 2 Game titles. Buy from Croma
  • Rs. 10,o00 – Kinect Sensor only, if you already have XBox 360.
  • Each additional Kinect game title will cost you approx Rs. 1,999.
  • In case if you are planning to use YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter through XBox on TV, Or you would like to play multiplayer game with some friend on internet,you’ll have to take Xbox Live Gold Subscription. This will cost  Rs.2,755 per anum.

What do you get in Box ?

If you do not have XBox 360 Console, we highly recommend you to go for new XBox White Package. In regular package you get only Kinect Adventures DVD, but in this package you also get Kinect Sport -1.

  1. White 4 GB Console
  2. White Kinect Sensor
  3. White Wireless controller
  4. Kinect Sports 1 DVD
  5. Kinect Adventures DVD
  6. 3 Months Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription
Kinect Adventures (comes in the Box)
kinect Adventures
Kinect Adventures is Microsoft game which comes in all the Kinect Package boxes. This has some of the best game collection for all the age group.

Kinect Sports 1 (comes in the Box)
Kinect Sports 1
Kinect Sports Season one comes with six amazing games which can be enjoyed by entire family. These are Bowling, Boxing,

There is another package where you pay Rs. 34,890 but you get Console with 250GB space. As you are starting you may not need that much space. Most of the games run through DVD only. Storage space is required when you download demo versions of games or some videos from internet. There are USB slots available you can add Pen Drive to save demo game or video on that.

What you need in to setup Xbox 360 Console with Kinect ?

  • 30+ inches LCD/LED TV with HDMI connector
  • Internet connection through ethernet cable or WiFi
  • Additional Big Power socket for console Adapter
  • Flat space below or above TV to keep Kinect Sensor.
  • At least 8 feet space infront of TV to stand and operate the game.

 What titles you must buy ?

Kinnect Sports 2Rs. 1,999  You get Six Games and some bonus games to play in Kinect Sports season two.
Your Shape : Fitness EvolvedRs. 1,999  Perfect workout without leaving your home. There are
KinectimalsRs. 1,999  Highly Recommended if you have small kids at home. They will just love to play with small animal.
Dance Central 1Rs. 1,999 Learn dance moves at your convenience. 32 foot tapping dance songs with moves to learn. You can download even more songs.Buy Dance Central From Amazon
Dance Central 2Rs. 1,999 Teenagers Love it. Also covers songs of Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Rihana.Buy From Amazon

Your Shape : Fitness Evolved Video

What else you can do with Xbox 360 console

  • You can play movies, Music, see photos by inserting regular DVD or through USB Pen drive. This removes the need for additional DVD player.
  • You can buy Xbox keyboard and also do live chat or video chat (This requires Xbox Live Gold subscription)
  • You can share Music, Movies, Photos on Windows Vista/7 home network and play these directly from Xbox provided these are on the same network.
  • Download additional levels of DVD games you purchased.
  • You can also watch some TV shows or Videos as made available bye distributors. Example: “GUILD”

What you can NOT do with Xbox 360

  • You can not install any of your windows Apps.
  • You can not boot Xbox console with any other operating system.
  • You can not run Nintendo Wii or Sony PS3 game discs in Xbox.

Famous traditional Xbox 360 games

Kinect sensor not required for these games (Only for Mature Audience )

Xbox 360 & Kinect sensor update

  • Recently Microsoft upgraded the menu interface with Metro Look. This makes Windows Desktop, Mobile and Xbox OS look quite same.
  • Microsoft is extending the support for Kinect Sensor on Windows Operating System. You should see this interface picking up on Windows OS soon.
  • Microsoft is negotiating with channel vendors to deliver the content on Xbox directly through internet. Once this happens you may not subscribe to local cable or Tata Sky or Dish TV. You will be able to play TV directly in Xbox with hand gestures and voice commands.


There are three professional gaming consoles in the market for TV. I would say what Xbox is offering is not even offered by Sony PS3 or Nintendo Wii. Yet there is no announcement from competitors where human body acts as a controller. This make Microsoft Xbox in a position of winner without any competition. Result is, in last two years there is no fall in the price of Xbox 360 with Kinect sensor or any of the game titles. What you can experience on this console, you can not experience anywhere else. It is worth investing this much money for unlimited fun you can have in family. There are titles available for all the age groups. Personally I feel Bowling game from Kinect Adventure is a universal game where you can make a team of members with 3 years to 80 years and all will have same kind of fun. I am open for queries or suggestions on this post. I will try to answer or recommend something with best of my knowledge.

One thought on “Xbox 360 Kinect is still the leader in Gaming

  • September 24, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Excellent post Deepak, it was an entertaining read.

    I bought XBOX with Kinect for some physical exercise, it serves that purpose very well.

    But, having to pay for using twitter and youtube sucks. One thing where play station beats XBOX is free online gaming, that’s a major factor for lot of people deciding between these two.


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