Yet another way to open blocked sites

Yet another way to open blocked sites

I have discussed many ways like using proxy sites, Translating tools like Google translator , URL redirection techniques and cached pages to open blocked sites at school and office here

Use site IP address to open blocked sites


If those tricks can not fool your firewall here is one for you. Usually firewalls at colleges and offices check the URL for restricted key words and domain names, if they find any such words in the URL you are trying to open then they prevent you access to that page.So now we are going to trick the firewall by accessing the site using the IP address of the server on which the site is hosted, to find the IP address of the site you can use this site

In the above page type the website you want to access in host name and it will give you the IP address of the site, fire this IP in your browser and your firewall is fooled.

Here is a quick list of server addresses of popular websites

YouTube.Com –>

Facebook.Com –>

MySpace.Com –>

Advantage of this method:

  • The main advantage of this method is, you need not compromise on speed as you will be connecting directly to the site.

Limitations of this method:

  • Doesnt work if your firewall blocked the IP address of the site.
  • Doesnt work if the site uses absolute URLs rather than relative (MySpace.Com uses absolute URLs so you will not be able to go beyond the first page with this method.
  • If the site is on a shared server (i.e., Many sites hosted on the same server ) this trick will not work.

21 thoughts on “Yet another way to open blocked sites”

  1. I use Astrill it blows up the great china firewall 😀
    I can access Facebook,Youtube Twitter and almost any site that is blocked 😀 too 😀
    Also they support Iphone/Androids which is a plus point.
    As low as $10.95 a month 😀
    its better and reliable than free VPNS !!

  2. hi,
    sorry to say but ur methods seems primitive to the strength of firewall i am experiencing ,in my network cyberoam is used as a filtering firewall,which does not
    allows us to enter even IP addresses of various websites,also proxies like freegate , toonel,my freedom are also blocked ,any site which u hav mentioned is blocked and it comes under URL translation sites and it wont open .Certain clients like Slyberoam are also blocked.In short everything is blocked.
    Therefore almost all the bypassing methods are filling water out of drains.
    Can u suggest any powerful method ,it would be highly appreciated.

  3. in my college net shows error for all those words in which orkut word comes that’s why i am unable to use any proxy or methods given above so please tell me the solution for this…….

  4. @above all
    >goto cmd
    >type “nslookup [space] (complete name of site)”

    It will give you a no. of ips related to that site. try every ip in browser. May be some of them will work. Don’t mind the looks though!

  5. i can nt access many sites in my college like orkut, facebook even many other sites. and u guys r saying to open the proxy sites but these proxy sites r also blocked in this server.
    i just can’t open any site.
    i had tried many softwares like ultrasurf, freedom, toonel and vidalia bundle. these softwares worked for sum days but after sum days these r also blocked…..plzz help me out… there any1 who can help me???

  6. Hi there!!

    Found the whole post very interesting, well I am too facing the problem to open the restricted sites.

    I am unable to open any website which contains any word like chat and mail.

    The whole security is very tight, I used various proxy sites, IP numbers to hack the security but not able to achieve success.

    Please help me out… as I am not able to open Gmail, Yahoo sites to check my email. Even I tried to connect it through Outlook but still starving..

    Any help will be appreciated.

  7. this trick same with open cmd on windust.

    ping [site]

    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:



  8. Hi lokesh
    i will let you know when i find more tricks to open blocked sites.
    Subscribe to our feed to stay tuned.

  9. hi satish…..
    i work in CERT
    and none of this things works in my office…….
    got any thing else????????
    every thing above mentioned results in network time out……….

  10. hi
    i liked this post but in my office it is not working………..
    my office keeps a track of all proxy so i can’t use it even…..
    can i have any other method????

  11. Hi Lokesh
    HTTP Tunneling may help you, you can find some info about it here
    I will post in detail about it in a day are two.

    Hi Anirudh
    That’s a limitation of this method. We can use http tunneling but then you have to compromise on speed. It’s advisable to use this method where ever possible as it gives good speed compared to proxy sites and tunneling software’s.

  12. why don’t you try HTTP Tunneling ? hey Satish it’ll be a great idea to maintain good updated proxy list 🙂

  13. well, Satish.

    Fine that i open the website from its IP address. suppose xx.x.x.x takes me to
    the page shows up nicely.

    when I’ll sign in, using the login screen the page I’ll be taken to will be something like :

    Which would again get blocked by firewall configured with squid. what say

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