Completely Uninstall any Software from Windows

Are your confused after reading the title? You should be if you are unfamiliar with the term, “Completely Uninstall”. Most of the regular Windows users install software, use them and then uninstall that right from Control Panel (If requires). This is a common scenario if any particular software does not accomplish the necessity. Is not it?

Completely Uninstall any Software from Windows

Even you might have done this so many times. However, do you know that it is not the right process to “completely uninstall” any software from your Windows PC? Well, let me explain.

Control Panel only removes the basic program files from your system installation drive or so-called C Drive, when you remove any installed software from your PC. However, a software creates a lot of files inside Registry Editor and other hidden folders after being installed in your machine. The regular Control Panel installation system cannot delete those hidden registry files, and hence, you cannot use a trial version software for the second time in the same PC.

On the other hand, those files require a space to stay in your PC. Thus, you may have to give away some memory from your hard disk to such a software, which is not even installed in your PC. Is not it?

That is where third party software uninstallers come in. Although, most of the third party uninstallers are paid but you can still use them as a trial version. Your Uninstaller is such a great software for the purpose. It does more task than your imagination.

You can use this Windows application on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Although, it is a paid application but you can try the trial version to check the usefulness.

Key features of Your Uninstaller

Although it comes with tons of useful options to make your PC faster but only most imperative features are included in this subsequent list.

Your Uninstaller

Completely Uninstall Software

Your Uninstaller Super Mode Uninstall

Obviously, this software can uninstall any installed software from your PC. It not only removes the software but also it erases all the registry files and all other components from your PC. After the basic installation, it will let you know about all temporary files regarding any particular software. You can remove them from that window.

Startup Manager

Your Uninstaller Startup Manager

If you are using Windows 7, you can check and disable programs at startup using a simple command, msconfig. If you are on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you can open your Task Manager to optimize your startup. Nevertheless, if you are using Your Uninstaller, you do not have to do aforementioned things since it will show you the software list those opens automatically on startup.

Disk Cleaner

Your Uninstaller Disk Cleaner

After using a PC for a long time, you may get some temporary files created by different programs. At such moment, you can simply use the Disk Cleaner section of Your Uninstaller to remove all temporary files from your PC and get some free space too.

Trace Eraser

Alike CCleaner, you can use Your Uninstaller to remove all cookies, search history, address history, browser history, passwords, saved forms and so on. The only benefit of using this part is you can remove all those above-mentioned files of your all installed browsers from one place.

File Shredder

Sometime, we have some important files what need to be deleted from our PC permanently after transferring to somewhere. As there are some useful software to recover deleted files from your hard disk, you can use File Shredder option to remove any file from your PC permanently.

Hunter Mode

This is yet another great feature of Your Uninstaller. You can use Hunter Mode to quickly uninstall any program from your PC. There is yet another mode, Drag Mode. You need to drag and drop any software to the respective icon to uninstall.
As you have seen that Your Uninstaller can do so many things, I would suggest you to use whenever you uninstall any software. If you want to use an alternative to Your Uninstaller, you can try Revo Uninstaller, which comes with almost same features.

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